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How to interpret and critique digital arts, in theory and in practice

DIGITAL ART AND MEANING: Reading Kinetic Poetry, Text Machines, Mapping Art,
and Interactive Installations
By Roberto Simanowski
University of Minnesota Press | 312 pages | 2011
ISBN 978-0-8166-6738-3 | paperback | $25.00
ISBN 978-0-8166-6737-6 | hardcover | $75.00
Electronic Mediations Series, volume 35

Digital Art and Meaning offers close readings of varied examples from genres
of digital art, including kinetic concrete poetry, computer-generated text,
interactive installation, mapping art, and information sculpture. Roberto
Simanowski combines these illuminating explanations with a theoretical
discussion employing art philosophy and history to achieve a deeper
understanding of each example of digital art and of the genre as a whole.

"Against an aesthetic thought that privileges erotics over hermeneutics and
performative presence over meaning, Roberto Simanowski demonstrates in
critical detail how the web has not spelt the end of interpretation, but has
complicated it. Mobilizing the history and theory of the avant-garde from
Apollinaire and Dada to situationsim and aleatoric poetry, he analyzes
salient examples of digital art and literature, engaging with the ways in
which code and programming, hypertext, collaborative writing, and
interactive installations challenge notions of authorship and audience,
reading and writing. A major work on the aesthetics of the digital media by
a superb close reader who cuts across literary and media studies and opens
up new dimensions for the humanities. A must read for programmers and
humanists, engineers and artists alike."? Andreas Huyssen, Columbia University

"In a tightly interlocked set of readings of representative works ranging
from concrete poetry to interactive installations, Roberto Simanowski makes
a compelling case for a re-fashioned semiotic analysis that attends to the
meaning produced by the formal intricacies of the work itself as well as by
external processes of production and reception. In Simanowski, digital art
finds the thoughtful, incisive, and erudite reader it truly deserves."? Rita
Raley, University of California, Santa Barbara

Roberto Simanowski is professor of media studies at the University of
Basel of Sydney.

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Heather Skinner, Publicist
University of Minnesota Press
111 3rd Ave S, Ste. 290
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