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July 8, 2011


LIVE and LAVE O Avatar, LOVE and REV
O Motor-Avatar, LEVY LUV and LEAVE O
Now O Dark LAVA of Ten-Twelve LUX or
LUG and LULL O Avatar, LUAU of Means
And Ways of BARB and BRIBE, Meanings
In BLURB and BURP, Motor-Avatar BRAY
And BREW Dark Drink of BROW in Newer
BRA to Cover Darkling BURL, BORE Yes
And So True BARE, Awakening BIB, BOB
Then ORB of BB, BRB, and END OF LIST

Sunset over Odyssey

Sunset over Odyssey, invisibility waving in the distance.
The Natural World, the World of Nature, has its own time and place,
presenting us with uncanny and peerless beauty.
There is no place for us in the Natural World; as Adorno would say,
we lead damaged lives.
Among these lives, these memories.

Odyssey performance text -

Odyssey text from Steve Millar edited by me to take out personal comments
- & have fun. Text by Sandy
Baldwin, Alan Sondheim, put up by Sandy Baldwin. I had additional comments
which apparently never came through. Enjoy.

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