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July 28, 2011

Why not. Why not.

Why not. Because the background doesn't move.
Those things just stand there. The front twirls.
My usual in an old-fashioned way. Just watching the twirl.
It doesn't go anywhere. It has the consistency of paste.
It's slightly uncomfortable. It's not uncomfortable enough.
Never ever works out in this wide world.
There are Julu Twine and Alan Dojoji mocking each other.
And in the foreground, this rubbery creature.
This creature that looks like it might stick to you.
Like it might do something untoward.
Just by its presence, just by its appearance or appearing.

Do check out if you haven't;
it's worth it. Juarez may well be the most dangerous city on earth
now - you can see why in this 1993 short segment of Postmodern
Sureno, which I'll post later, when and if I can convert from the
dvd I found.

I used to be good.

I used to 'really have it' as they say. That was 'really something.'
I could turn out the magic without even thinking.
I was master of the image, master of the image programs.
I'd have an idea, just like that. And I'd make the idea _happen._
Here's an example: .
Here's another: .
Brilliant! I couldn't possibly do these now!
I don't know what happened, but I have a theory: the Republicans.
It must have been the Republicans. It can't possibly be a coincidence.
The Republicans come in; my images go south as they say.
That's not an insult to the South. That's just an expression.
I'm sure that's just an expression. And I won't be side-tracked.
The Republicans would side-track me. Look at these images!
Look at the skills I had! I haven't made anything this good for years!
Not since the Republicans came in! I can't afford anything any more!
My mind's a shambles. My mind's ground to a halt.
It's the fault of the Republicans! I'm sure there's more to say about
this but I'm not sure what it is. I used to know what it is, but I
don't know; my mind's blurry, I can hardly keep track of anything and
I don't have any ideas any more. I don't even know to to end this.
All I remember is that I used to be brilliant and I look at these
stunning images and say wow to myself and I know I can't do anything
this good now and the Republicans are running around my mind like
vermin. In fact I like vermin but I don't like Republicans! I used to
be so good!


I propose the word "e-very" for electronically-very, as in "This piece of
email is e-very excellent, don't you think?". From here it will be a very
short step to "every" which parallels "email" as in, "This definition
which I'm sending you now is every astute, I do declare!". Please spread
the word on this and it will every quickly go viral! Thank you, signed,
The Every Luscious Jennifer

Ukulele Renga

(love the sound of the instrument and the form of these)

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