The Alan Sondheim Mail Archive

I used to be good.

I used to 'really have it' as they say. That was 'really something.'
I could turn out the magic without even thinking.
I was master of the image, master of the image programs.
I'd have an idea, just like that. And I'd make the idea _happen._
Here's an example: .
Here's another: .
Brilliant! I couldn't possibly do these now!
I don't know what happened, but I have a theory: the Republicans.
It must have been the Republicans. It can't possibly be a coincidence.
The Republicans come in; my images go south as they say.
That's not an insult to the South. That's just an expression.
I'm sure that's just an expression. And I won't be side-tracked.
The Republicans would side-track me. Look at these images!
Look at the skills I had! I haven't made anything this good for years!
Not since the Republicans came in! I can't afford anything any more!
My mind's a shambles. My mind's ground to a halt.
It's the fault of the Republicans! I'm sure there's more to say about
this but I'm not sure what it is. I used to know what it is, but I
don't know; my mind's blurry, I can hardly keep track of anything and
I don't have any ideas any more. I don't even know to to end this.
All I remember is that I used to be brilliant and I look at these
stunning images and say wow to myself and I know I can't do anything
this good now and the Republicans are running around my mind like
vermin. In fact I like vermin but I don't like Republicans! I used to
be so good!

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