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Why not. Why not.

Why not. Because the background doesn't move.
Those things just stand there. The front twirls.
My usual in an old-fashioned way. Just watching the twirl.
It doesn't go anywhere. It has the consistency of paste.
It's slightly uncomfortable. It's not uncomfortable enough.
Never ever works out in this wide world.
There are Julu Twine and Alan Dojoji mocking each other.
And in the foreground, this rubbery creature.
This creature that looks like it might stick to you.
Like it might do something untoward.
Just by its presence, just by its appearance or appearing.

Do check out if you haven't;
it's worth it. Juarez may well be the most dangerous city on earth
now - you can see why in this 1993 short segment of Postmodern
Sureno, which I'll post later, when and if I can convert from the
dvd I found.

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