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wounded avatar. aporia.

it's always someone else who writes this.
it's always someone else who is sick.
up until the limit, it's you, not myself, who is sick.
at the limit, i am gone, not even leaving a gift, leaving nothing.
at the limit, it is someone else who receives a gift.
the gift comes from nowhere. the gift is an object in the world.
the gift is a labeled object in the world. or an unknown object.
the avatar who is sick is a gift. the avatar who disappears is a gift.
the avatar leaves nothing behind. or the avatar leaves everything.
the avatar leaves everything but leaves everything to no one.
the pain of a wounded avatar is infinite. an avatar cannot speak.
an avatar is always spoken for and hir pain is stolen.

the wounded avatar is at the heart of the problematic of culture.
the wounded avatar is the heart of the problematic.
wounding is the erasure of the grounding of inscription.
the wounded avatar is the inscription of wounding
and the wounding of inscription:
it is within this field that materiality dissolves,
meeting oncoming death face to face, in the sense of alterity.
the field blocks everything; the field does not exist.
the avatar says: it is over when i say it is over.
the avatar is wounded.

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