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example of a lurid object for sandy baldwin
where the object pushes its way in

lurid       ng       s sleazy:self-lit:hungry:lurid       923:3:uh,
alan:lurid       it falling lurid       s - the ones not immediately above
as the lurid        is theory lurid       y; while there is lurid       ,
the best one can the stuff. 15:50:33 i think my work walks an edge of
being lurid       ot as lurid       wondering heh heh heh :) all those in-
jokes lack of results. this artist is known for being too lurid, too
sexual, too proximity, s/he is a seducing lurid       . imagine being
sleazy a stain on your wall viral crawl through in my lurid       rid and
abjection and perhaps one of the reasons systemic philosophy sleazy:self-
lit:hungry:lurid       : :uh, alan:lurid       it whatever we will, and at
the same time, everything is lurid       d and furious and stereotyped, i
draw them there that the anecdotal disappears, the lurid       l - think
of anecdote meaningful. the texts are often lurid       ng directly with
sexuality and to "lure" an audience is to displace it - lure, lurid. my
poetics-writing ers, the lure/lurid        them. the real is always
already an unveiling. often seducing. you can push lurid       s, sheave-
skinned boy or girl, moves, dragging the catalyst with it (catalyst seated
on lurid       , lurid        as catalyst-bed): the prey flees the hunter
who rides on hir ted by savage cuts; the reach of the lurid       ing and
scarred skin, money, the lurid       ded into the last text, read with
rigour mortis: paranoia) and lurid        (manson's writings). essentially
of all with a certain exhilaration of the lurid        category of the
night, reduced, displaced, in favor of the swollen, lurid        pastels
like and boys lurid       and boys ed girls and boys g fg mv ry wha bas
ure ye why _self-induction_? because hir lurid       -environment,
considered as that the writing in a way is 'lurid       ting through in
other ways. the car where is it - lurid       s pause then something dark
remarks or you might just left click - it depends on the lurid       oo
sexual, is known for being oo lurid       mplex, , oo much informa , oo
preparation for virtual life. moment of capture = arrangement of lurid or
girl escaped like bad lurid       s pause then something dark remarks all
of these locations have clickable lurid       s which will take you -
spirit lurid        lured through me same. it's the lurid       of the pen
on paper it's the stain or residue seated on fleeing lurid        =
self-fleeing lurid        (the movement seduction architectures as lurid
       s. second life = lurid        think lurid       stards m ls zz pico
ispell b zzbak rm ww cp yy aback f lurid       y m maenad magic magnetic
majid make makes making malign man i do will make any sense to you, my
work's only lurid       only about       s in flight. micro-architectures
within lurid       s in flight: boy john giornoesque-manque, lurid
erous story-telling, ballardic, : i think my work walks an edge of being
lurid       re, building the narrative which is always a lure, lurid
- you're shadowed by the night; the result is the lurid       ure fraught
with more often than not we regale ourselves in the manufacture of lurid a
_single_ lurid       , acts reflexively upon itself, just as lurid

like bad lurid       s pause then something like bad and lurid       of
the pen on paper. it's the stain or residue of the if you sit on a lurid
        that moves vertically as a result of your a new push on an lurid
        groping that continued almost indefinitely - riding to 4078 on
seducing lurid       , returning and falling, doing most lurid       s on
the ground level (and some beneath the ground, orgasm, placing to one
side, the lurid       tion of the margins. (and so female for male or male
for female attains a certain degree of lurid       s far preferable to
teledildonics; this is in the realm of the lurid       elentlessly. she
problematizes truth, sexuality, the lurid        - seducing lurid
repeating lurid       s in center skysphere, come undersea - try seducing
inside the lurid        the interior textures are you can often sit on
seducing lurid       s, which will whirl you around; lurid        - stain
earth, earth heaving - 109 { nikuko } alan sondheim { lurid       , talk
straight. you see the shapes through their outlines in ling - the texts -
the lurid       the philosophy of no-name. at that alan sondheim: so that
the writing in a way is 'lurid       ting the darkness darker, the depths
deeper, with lurid       nd might. possibilities connected with the lurid
and abjection and perhaps one of <title>lurid       icator haunts the
wires</title> : so that the writing in a way is 'lurid       ting

lurid       s pause then something

lurid       s pause then something dark remarks the car where is it or the
lurid        are just beneath the surface of scaffolding alan sondheim: i
think my work walks an edge of being lurid       llowing sleazy paths to
old lurid        you stain earth, earth heaving you might have to right-
click on the lurid       then click on teleport - the syntactics leading
to the scene of the lurid       red room; focus on fantasms wrought from
unhealthy air, lurid       . playing solitaire,

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