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August 28, 2011

The Sound of Irene

Technique: Westinghouse vibration meter used to record from window-glass,
air-conditioner surface (unit off), and wall. The meter records very low
frequency audio, from around .4 hz to 200. The audio was raised two
octaves; the result is what you hear - the sound of things shaking, out of
control. Our roof is already leaking badly and the storm's not really here

The Sound of Irene ii

Irene scan scanner activity
around Irene, laid-back beautiful voices, commentary, sounds

Technique: .wav files at 96 k from Zoom H2 built-in microphones; 6-8 are
frequency shifted 2-2.5 octaves, sounding similar to irene 3-5; 9 uses
heavy hiss reduction. Our roof continues leaking. The original recordings
for 6-9 were made outside in the storm. a-b nearer the onslaught of the

Final 2 Irene audio recordings: with hiss reduction (kind of
amazing) straightforward (wagnerian)

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