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   said to my father, everything has been n now with my mother gone and i
  firsthand when my mother died, what happens in any death: the dispersion
  for my mother, who died five years ago today
(Because of my mother's death, this hasn't been sent out in a while. The
-- when my mother remained aloof or blind to this
.sing break my mother's back
2000 March 19th my mother dies after a long illness. The funeral and
:: september 16 2000 :: 6 months ago _now_ my mother died :: want these
Alan sings o/~ break my mother's back o/~
Did my mother not bake for me, and did I not eat?
For my mother, Evelyn Weiss
For my mother, Evelyn Weiss Sondheim
I have killed my father and was well satisfied. I killed my mother as
I turn around and recognize world other than my mother.
I write about my mother's death and cancer as dispersion and online com-
Jean Hudson. Was my mothers bridesmaid at her wedding 40 years ago. Shea
Leslie Thornton produced in 1981. But I may look likewise to my mother
Monday the 27th towards evening; my mother should be all right, the pet-
Nikuko is my mother. Flesh-Girl, Meat-Girl, I am reading stone.
Odd working on this and re: my mother; my father's in the hospital at the
On March 16, 2000, my mother died of cancer. From September 1999 until
So I'd say we didn't share in the signifier, my mother and I - she was
So Tomei is surely Tomi, an outland Italy; of course my mother had been to
Someone would come and pull me from the subway, someone, my mother Daishin
The Bones, for my mother
Thinking of my mother (she died a few days later, under morphine, given to
Tomorrow we find out the _condition_ of my mother, what the tests will
about my mother's death and cancer as D and online com local-jenniferhost
after my mother died, and 9/11 occurred the second month we were down
anam. S.lada my mother does not know my father's mother mother mother
and fen, my mother told me get out of the den, don't do it again, stay
and my mother, my mother -
and towards my mother, my mother
best. My sister is my father's favorite; my brother was my mother's. My
bulldozers came and my mother-of-pearl-handled knife was buried forever.
by fair or foul means after the conviction of my mother and the
down the hall to my mother, who said he was quite old, and near Tomei, or
eternally reduced. I want the sound of my mother's voice heard in this
even be a "you" that is speaking those words to me. When my mother was
father's is his own; my mother's is her own.
firsthand when my mother died, what happens in any death: the dispersion
it just can't go on forever without replenishment? my mother lost a
it was during this period, after six months, that my mother died; this is
it; when my mother died I played shakuhachi, and when I recently wrote
kind of true, my dad was a math idiot, but now he is, my mother's got all
living alone in that big house he lives in now with my mother gone and i
loves me and I have no idea why. Since my mother died, my family relations
my mother
my mother ? and I regret my lack of care
my mother [image] and a picture of my cat
my mother appears. she's thirty, we're talking she tells me my father is
my mother died five years ago
my mother from cancer, of the lung, adrenal gland, leg, and brain, after
my mother is dying of cancer, just when things were looking up. she's
my mother told me she'd not do that again, my mother told me she had'd it
my mother was dying in the hospice; I went in through the doors,
my mother, for the second part.
my susther and my mother they have many sticks from many trees
narrowed interval of hours, weeks, months. my mother was in the back, by
nikuko is my mother
of germs seemed everywhere; my mother made us change the towels every time
of it all, become clear. last night i dreamed of my mother again, with the
oh my mother told me she was a vary big shaman
on my mother's side of the family. Or a reputation for being neurotic,
on the left - he's 96 (my mother died at 80), there were french legion-
one point I thought memories the most obdurate matter of all, my mother,
outside, my mother is dying within the next several hours
rarely by my mother, and from never seeing them touch each other. The fear
ression, of my mother's death, of my successes and failures
sign" used only once :: september 16 2000 :: 6 months ago _now_ my mother
speaker all at once, my daughter's voice, my mother's, my father's. A rock
still haven't gotten over the death of my mother and my father's dislike
suddenly reversed as well, my mother getting better, health on the way for
talk together, the computers. I could call the doctor when my mother is
them; i learned firsthand when my mother died, what happens in any death:
then that I heard almost immediately of my mother's illness. on the day
this is a world where my mother landed
three months after my mother/s death/ the dreams are hitting harder/
through my mother's death (which she no longer possesses),
till the day you are sides of my family (we bomb with my mothers side, who
to see my mother who's quite sick. But this is an excuse for me, for my
too charming" sd my mother -- how can i follow this trembling violent
towards my mother, speaking mother, it is colder hours later,
towards my mother, speaking mother, it is just hours later, a colder day,
was young, my mother was a solace and a refuge and a world. when i was
when my mother died, she was always in my thoughts.
which my father received the seed, my mother the blood, my nurse the milk
with men, my mother told me to pick up the pen, my mother came from swamp
with the death of my mother, that I am neither here nor there. It is said
working with older microcassettes; i put up the one with my mother on
worried about my mother all day long, the operation was a success, there..

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