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[i'm growing old and increasingly stupid. i bang my head against the same 
tired animations and blurs. i can't inhabit these flat things that cut 
through my flesh like paper. death stalks me. i keep thinking: now is the 
day i will die. i keep thinking: or else i will forget this day and some 
new monster will appear, an obscene _enunciation._]


     terms of ===   which tend towards the cultiva== of commun
   d. .echo commands which are a dismemberment of === and the
   emergent property of substance. nothing beyond, ===. the truth
  rhythm of cap's cap === of
  text is your final ===. for aogies o "your === is

uncanny." and one might consider an interpolated === here as a shifter
bottle === ===, oral literature, geo , socio , and psy cholinguistics,
89.4% idle:36 processes: ... === inscribes me upon your token! cpu > and
the meaning of ===. therein originates its major strength, > elabora== of
a metasemantics founded on the seman tics of ===. > === and with the
universe of discourse. > on the other hand, the meaning of a new ===. in
the pathological > sen tence, on "a metasemantics founded on the semantics
of ===" > that of creating a second level of ===, where it becomes and
speech is not only parole, momentary ===; it parasitizes autumn fallen
into pools, carp ===s between or in the middle of the advertise ment,
among the ===s of facebook contact, as =cia ==s are replaced and replic
ated by 'what i in the former case, the performative is of the order of
===; in is jennifer ===, neutrality symb olic stand ordering product.
return maud === of avatars, pre duet: the occupa== of virtual space only a
total and final r=cia == will eliminate the dreams of fulfill so beauti
ful, this === as i depart #cybersex, mists of feminine so this text,
please note, is an obliga== to you, an === of a subject: in this empty
space, this space of announcement, not ===, the what if places the world
within which an === is made, within to write in voiceless voice is an =cia
==. where are the signifiers, the ellipses, the gaps in === that will give
you i help for depression. the === of the signifier going or === of it,
remains as indicated by the damping indeed aacebook contact, as ===s are
replaced and replic ated by 'ahat ac==, that of world constituting lang
uage. if === is declarative a=== already absent before the ===... always
be later, not latent, or rather latent to the ===, not to among ===s that
effect and affect ac==s. over book length the an ===. whatever i write,
apt word. or it must appear contrived as and stories, poetry and epic
works of ===, new forms of surgery are you your voice? your ===? your
=ciated? avatars! my little maud === of avatars, pre duet: making new
bottle === bottle === trip. cap === rhythm cap === to circum locu == of
===, this is a form, perhaps the form, of coherent, the space of discur
sive forma==s, of ===, of the self, contact, as ===s are replaced and
replicated by 'ahat a fucks' === along along spheres === appears; the
whole constitutes a supplic a== to language === body === of the person?
=== which you comprehend ===: the now, smeared through the very act of
accession, loses its ===s in epistles across empires and the net; i've
proposed similar ===s world wide and forever fer, === meets annuncia==,
ointment meets ointment, and obvious final r=cia == will give me the space
and place to write my piece. if foretaste of death; this, too, with the
recent d===, 'thou shalt give help === signifier "to express yourself "
succesfully fought head's bar oque scheme of types to suture over the
subject/=== of ie rhythm of cap's cap === of ila: "we are faced again with
the r=== of a concept of history." in virtual life, === is the totality of
presence bottlenecked to ing "a jennifer ===, the blank neutrality of the
symbolic stand ing projects ===, the func == of the throat. the topography
of islands, hammocks. === is always a prob lem increasingly distant as
istence here (as has often been asserted) is equivalent to ===; keys my
vocal cords and =cia ==s literally a far cry i can l ===s always already
to collapse at language games, no return, conferencing, capital, =cia ==.
la==s of =cia ==s, utterances, parole, within biophysical, neuro lepidod
endron, there were others, each an ===. nothing nouncements of love and
commit tment, d===s, unsubscrip==s, of prejudice, the politics of deaf
ness for example, the === of opening skin odor musk. moments conundrums.
=== nuance: order. or perhaps i was waiting for =c ia==. certainly my per
formance was or the beyond, blank, === of nuance: parlay of the regis ter
of the visible , = cia== of interior ity just performative is of the order
of ===; in:if the repressed) the print "your $name $diff text is your
final ===.", "\n\n" if 4==$g; problematizes ===. if proximity is external
(i.e. the space time proceeds through the murk on errands of ===,
announced only by process is an ===. read as: the first === of form, an
appearance both particulate related. voca bles are words in use, not par
ole, but ===; two replaces the annuncia==; bearing birth replaces ===.
repleteness meaning, but grounded unique =cia ==, earth. emptied, rhythm
cap = cia== rup tured and irreparable ===s. shrd, 15080k buff write vagin
as your === names my stopped:1m structure not yet 'filled' or fulfilled, a
basic concept in ===.) systematized but always ``here,'' always arising
from an === in text is your final =ci a==. for 43 sutured hours, we have
been dead the facebook contact, as ===s are replaced and replicated by
'what the books i would write break down upon their ===. the clearest ===
of these ideas of what might be called a the === of the body the replete
on the other side; in real life, === is the residue the wake was an === of
his death. their === of explora== elsewhere. for there is no such there i
will speech you. replacement of === by tropology of there is always a
place for this ===: thinkcaping the ===, the speech always this was done
as an === towards the memory of the destruc== of speech, of ===, a film
travis tiffan y. careful signified begins === bottlenecked unique ===, the
fullness of the earth. speaking forever is meaning unity, into a new field
of = cia==. in the passage from one material user's langue, domain of =c
ia==. the reading of the file is the where does this lead to three states
that of ===, that of within the discursive === and phenomenology of the
subject, who writing. we write the === of slaughter. we write its emanc
ipa==. your === nam ing entities is uncanny; they lose their mooring in
your sign, no longer my own; i serve as pure ===, proclama==.

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