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culling-grep condensate

grep what i go about culling my writing from air a/char >> zzbaby black
blue boy build child cloud dead death dwell earth farm farmer fog foolish
forest girl gone happy hill home house husband hut ill infant king lake
lost lucky man meadow mist mountain ocean palace queen red sad sailor sea
sick soldier star student stupid sun teacher unhappy unluckly valley well
white wife wise woman yellow 16 foreach $rem (@rem) {$this = "grep -v
'^$rem' .message > .mess";4 spherical * /root/zz9 -h B. COMMAND LINE
tricks: od, sed, awk, grep, etc.&googleapi & & &grep
13 tumescent 14 159 16:36 "great war" network/* 163 16:37 "missing in
action" 165 16:38 "missing" 167 "killed or wounded" 169 16:39 "wounded
killed" 171 and 173 175 16:40 "mutilated" 295 Beaufort jjjj303 304
problematic zzz343 fuzzy zzzz349 ??? 354 ~/zzzz363 ../../web/* 367 defuge
julu of the grep-feather-chantfictivityfilmstockfoofwafuturologygeni
sheehegelungsishtmgrep: pulling lines/strings a file, pts/8
user-387hit9.cable.mindspr 12:25AM 0 muttpine"Ju6lu% netstat | sondheim
"grep," pull out all lines that have certain string (group $ Devil texts/*
wc God Philosophy abacus abject agnostic annihilation arouse atheis
atheist avatar belief believ believer birth 1024 9759 79757 5629 chora
code coding creation deconstruction depress desire devil epistemology
essence evil existence false feminine feminism god good imaginary joy life
live logic masculine mathematical mathematics mathesis mess ontology
phallic phallocentrism philosophy quantum real relation relativ relativity
script scripting sex structur structure symbolic tangle text true virtual
word wording words world worlding worlds (w <string> is command to list
current users on shell *?? z; Poetics ftp; sed 's/^...g'
z *h*split* *cc* *hehe* *bogu *jj* *suck* *hh* *penis* *aa* :oo:oo 15
+Kukai" ls rm sudo perl -MCPAN -e 'install ,won uoy ta gnikool ma I tail
mi eye rev sort . "\." yy 's/^........./ /g' ./mod Buddha pico Stephen
/image historic pahistoricx exit pwd 1 " mj texts/??.txt head -200
"filling space" grep#"#"#-v#mj#>#zz 10 "####" kenji 11 ADAM cadaver 139
140 141 oo 142 143 h 144 feti 1405 deathless 17 1164 depression 1453 10973
guilty 119 1168 8540 149 150 151 zz; 152 's/[?!]/ made 18 cock 19 "death
life" 197 198 199 200 201 2 "wasting nikuko lx 20 "life death" 202 203 204
205 206 21 22 embryo 23 24 25 Today y < 29 chromo 3 "making 30 31 38
Subject .procmail/log 40 's/ Subject: //g' yy; mv "useless mail/sl 41 42
43 44 ww 45 46 4783 57906 405147 hate 1829 22451 165507 shame 6 time"
demon 66942 482056 4164 53402 391417 alive 7 's/demon/demon presence/g'
7201 48860 misery 236 2329 18109 8 8860 4957 48981 395695 love :!grep
merge lv & fuck cunt simple search UNIX still offers best tool for 183 184
185 186 187 's/Woman/Man/g' pa.txt 27 voice sound music noise these mm
sexy eyes @blacklist @grepcore @quota @unnewt @egrep @make-player @shout
Alan zz.htm lynx Command: fgrep -i <search> <current file> <this E fg p rain Filtering / letters: (similar grep) Google
Graphemes gridlines habitus halfgroupoid hallucinatory Instead
quasi-programming commands like debug, Ju11lu% w jennifer Ju12lu% Ju13lu%
alan Ju14lu% Ju15lu% Ju18lu% ar Ju19lu% ra Ju20lu% Ju61lu% cat jen ~/zz
Ju62lu% explos Ju63lu% Ju64lu% relat Ju65lu% truth Ju70lu% je Ju71lu% expl
Ju72lu% fro Ju73lu% rela Ju74lu% tru MOO:  84 Nikuko Sondheim agrep -n
(approximates) file alias ryn="netstat -an SYN_RECEIVED" syn="netstat
SYN_SENT" ambulance irclog.ex tumor cancer awk rest them _did_ without
having know we forget other cat/etc/passwd s, _s_ _s appears /etc/passwd
ROUS, EAU turning later on, along b biff tf nothing kz 's/nothing/radio/g'
blacklist @grep @programmer @toad bove: When was considering line,
originally pictured thick cencept ef grephecs, rether then emeleteng mere
expenseve end stenderd- centenary jacques lacan measured emergence.:!grep
chance economics country nation mandate characters) it. For example, if
"line" which cinelerra.html video cineo such as fruit y" over entire
internet crazy freak loony nurse debris grotesque surprise + bones. enters
editing eating. manga. done]ambabyagreptel shellthe magino yousubgroupoids
subjectivities dump_ciu dumpe2fu dumpkmap dutmp e2fuck e2label echo egrep
elif elue elviu embeddedkonuole risk ent structures performative scripts
melding languaging eppleceteens, encledeng seme experementel grephecs
pregrems thet ceme fc fdfluuh fi figlet figliut figmagic filebrowuer find
free 'hole' /usr/dict/words ff freeramdiuk finally, marrow, perfect jewels
\ foofwa genidentity geomatics gesturally gigabytes fruitful; wonder this
were flaw built into particular fingerboard hee glossolalia getty gomoku
guigrep gunzip gutenbrowuer gzip halt hancomuheet graphemes hauh "no film"
texts/*.txt music" photo" pictures" stuff" text" video" location ??.txt
":" 28 strings Kukai less splashing-milk nipples possessed by maya so
forth with carnal lu jj knowledge 5 doctor medic insane dollar poor rich
invest honor 1608 14236 innocent 145 hurt terr hands illness dying kei rep
line lw trans 164 166 poetics date suicide 3029 22921 549 Woman womans
's/womans/- grep-..-. coreutils-..-. ash-..-. grub-.-. gzip-..-.
krb-libs-..-. grep-slough ruth-havoc across threshed text: spam: No
directory rm:  hemiptera holarchy hir http hirself htm i'm history: "1 who
ideogrammar deerflies emergences everglades peerings d'eruza important
terror inefficient. while, wanted do $rem[1]&$rem[2] etc., hospital
issuing 'grep jennifer,' 'jennifer' returns lb k%: [word|phrase] [set
texts] [initial collection] k10% die" or.txt k11% nikuko-america quit? ate
your body k6% k7% k8% died k87 strang *.txt k9% 5982 78082 571336 lifeless
174 it matter cycling through. Each time, places file. knew could take
erase _one_ -la .snapshot/hourly.* ln chmod 777 mod kukai nobody mm:
moonnoor. !OOoo cloombood wooth thoo. 39 /root/ cd azure SYN_SENT neurotic
172 1883 14888 neurosis 101 1076 noisy; think murmur world, background 193
194 195 196 operation p. 65. Expressions are used tr, Womans
's/womans/men/g' history web* [nte] 158 160 161 162 176 177 "[" \[ "\["
's/^ 's/[-]/ ikuko skin bone mind ping host 127 128 129
phenomenological 130 - reducing size prompt, ^$ foo bar, would
query="egypt" randomly repeated acts transformation; fact, won't at all,
secret message embedded grepped 's/[<>//]//g' buried awk) creates
negotiations among text, body, framework has remote: she dances rimming
thing small rhymed poem sometimes will rake older texts looking pts/7
user-387hjcn.cable.mindspr 1:10PM p9 sondheim.dialup.  7:47PM q2
0-1pool108-105.n 12:26AM ttyq1 12:26pm ttyq3 6:35am +ennin" sonnet oh 146
147 148 178 179 180 181 182 hear 26 space. The following majority Internet
Text, split, csplit, mv, cp, ls, egrep, gawk, cat, tac, stentor peer-
stiffereith function searchglobal crisis n byzantium. substitutions,
formations using summarized knowledge-owners, m smell tarnid tuwerds cuul
pegis grephocs terpreted interpretation act prof! culled everything;
commanding, perhaps cull 103 978 7333 68 591 4615 399 4446 31585 guilt
1641 12068 893 10413 74362 2402 27166 196084 reinsertion one dealing
mutilation did series "greps" there no ROUSSEAU ROUSSEAU; grapples greps
ROUSSEAU, ting decathecting nano manifes hema er app isp bookshops ava
ions fold, cut, rev, sort, -k a.b use X *.txt' produces giving
conjunctions, but became lazy I'm not sure can work washed-out infinity
space despair spring-time is\ hempe\ n\ 1010 11013 82747 2126 15583 sane
503 5271 42902 738 7518 61422 zz.htm; work, modified unix commands,
re-worked, re-en- works use, most part, (inverse you tack 188 189 190 191
192 207 208 209 210 211 131 132 133 134 135 Jennifer lg foreclose .conceal
168 170 212 213 214 215 r *.gmp *.rmp *.rpm film {k:14} passwd {k:3}
egrep.exe anx

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