The Alan Sondheim Mail Archive


for Margie and anyone interested in fretless fields of sound, this might
be the most perfect oud playing I've done. for Azure who has always
believed in me. for Joanna who might yet take to notes falling from
strings into gene pools of undiscovered species. for Kathy's Thackeray's
Becky's determination and indeterminate formations of tensor qualities of
sound. for Peter's sound determinacy and Mark's indeterminate sonic and
superb functions. for my discovering vast new lands and lamentations and
for healing and cicatrix. for absinthe which I'd like to credit for
everything but can't for anything. for Ossi the cat and Opal the turtle.
for the going forth by day and my returning to hir going forth by night.
for Julu who has necessarily believed in me and Nikuko who has necessarily
not. and for the sound which hollows out the world, returning ontology to
itself, dark matter of light, enlightenment. and for this giving which is
all my selves can do.

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