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(from the Eyebeam blog)

Thinking about anti-social media 2.0... perhaps an installation about or
re: recent deaths, future death, hidden in Eyebeam superstructure?
performers hiding out in building, performing only after-hours? leaving
small images/debris/residuals/artifacts in corners (each corner trihedral
reflections of selves interrupted), momentary gestures, peripheral, almost
invisible, after hosted events, strange rooftop images visible from space
only, everything unwired, locative in the sense of substance, scattered
debris for example, as if something had happened, an accident, rumors
spread only by word of mouth, nothing electronic, the street knows...

something to this, residencies for examples, residence, where's your
residence, I live at such-and-such an address...

suddenly the Eyebeam resident disappears, taking up Eyebeam as residence,
you can't evict me, no no no! don't bring in the SWAT team, I'll leave

of course nothing happening but the street knows...

and there are these things, peripheral, slightly out of focus, as if
something were going on...

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