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Sounds of Eyebeam: Analog to Digital

recording made with Westinghouse vibration mic fed into mono Marantz
cassette recorder; the result was downloaded into Audacity and edited
in CoolEdit. Different versions above have different filtering.

Analog was used to avoid digital issues between the mic and recorder.
The sound was gathered at a number of sites in Eyebeam, most of them
involving metal grids: stairways, interior fencing, upper-level
flooring. The result was a gathering of resonances between metal,
Eyebeam-body (interior space), and sounds transmitted either in air
or directly through metal. The harmonic structures are strong and
dissonant. The body cries out in murderous delight.

Down the street, an 18-wheeler is gathering up the disassembled
Matthew Barney work. Such heavy metal would have collapsed with a
thud. Elsewhere lighter-than-air work delights the blue-grey sky
and rain is forecast. The Eyebeam building is singing everywhere.
It is singing

You can't catch me.
You can't catch me.

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