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Subject: 'Occupy' Roundup -- October 30, 2011

1 NY: Winter Donations Needed
2 Denver, Nashville Regroup After Arrests
3 Ft. Lauderdale: Occupy That Yacht
4 Occupy Your Student Debt
5 Occupy Wall Street Arrests In Texas, Oregon
6 Occupy DC: Sallie Mae Locks Out Students
7 Challenges Don't Deter Occupy Detroit
8 Occupy Halloween


The Resistance Continues at Liberty Square and

New York Urgent: Winter Donation Needs
Posted Oct. 29, 2011, 10:54 p.m. EST by OccupyWallSt

It's been dumping snow here in NYC all day, high winds
and 3 inches of slush on the ground. With the NYPD and
FDNY confiscating six generators on Friday and this
unprecedented October snow, those occupying Liberty
Plaza in downtown NYC are in need of emergency supplies
crucial for cold weather survival (and occupation).
We've made a lot of headway on getting winter gear here
in the last 48 hrs but definitely need more. Please help
by purchasing or donating supplies directly. Winter gear
and other necessities can be dropped off in person,
delivered, or shipped.



Occupy Protesters Regroup After Mass Arrests

Don Ryan/Associated Press

By Kirk Johnson
Published: October 30, 2011

DENVER - Protesters in Denver and Nashville regrouped on
Sunday, a day after mass arrests at demonstrations
inspired by Occupy Wall Street in both cities.

In Denver, the clashes between demonstrators and the
police were some of the most intense since the protest
groups began gathering in a downtown park more than a
month ago. The police used pepper spray on the
protesters, some of whom surged toward police lines. The
police charged two people with assaulting an officer.

Protesters said they would hold a peace vigil late in
the day on Sunday.

In Nashville, where state law enforcement officials
arrested 29 people on Saturday, the issue was a curfew
imposed last week that barred protesters from inhabiting
a downtown park near the State Capitol. The legality of
the curfew has been questioned, and a magistrate judge
immediately released the protesters, who had been
charged with trespassing, saying that the state had no
authority to create such a restriction.



Occupy That Yacht

In Fort Lauderdale, a good-natured movement takes the
fight to the decks of the one percent.

By Thomas Francis
Sunday, Oct 30, 2011

Occupy Fort Lauderdale

If America's ultra-rich are feeling unappreciated, a
trip to this weekend's Fort Lauderdale International
Boat Show  seemed to offer some solace. After all, it's
the world's premier annual showcase for yachts, and the
city bills itself unabashedly as the "Yachting Capital
of the World."

But this year, not all the residents were in a welcoming
mood. Members of Occupy Fort Lauderdale staged a
demonstration Saturday afternoon, taking their placards
on a nearly 3-mile march from downtown to the beach,
where the boat show is being held.



OWS Student Debt Day 11/12

We were told to work hard and stay in school, and that
it would pay off. We are not lazy. We are not entitled.
We are drowning in debt with few means of escape.

We would give anything to pay our debt, but we are
un(der)employed due to the jobs crisis and lack of
consumer protections and refinancing rights make things
extremely difficult.

The student loan bubble may not burst with a bang, but
it is slowly suffocating us.

Please share your story. We stand in solidarity with the
99 percent.



Occupy Wall Street Arrests In Texas, Oregon

Oct 30 (Reuters) - Dozens of protesters at economic
inequality demonstrations in Austin, Texas, and
Portland, Oregon were arrested peacefully early on
Sunday over allegedly failing to comply with rules in
each city.

Both protests were among many held across the country
since September by demonstrators who say they are angry
over economic inequality and what they see as Wall
Street greed.

At Occupy Austin, some 38 people were arrested on
Saturday night and early Sunday after refusing to let
police take down food tables and clean the City Hall
plaza where they had camped for several weeks, police
told Reuters on Sunday.



Sallie Mae Locks Out Student Protesters As Occupy DC
Marches Against Skyrocketing Student Debt

By Lee Fang and Zaid Jilani on Oct 28, 2011 at 6:24 pm
This afternoon, a group of about seventy-five students
mobilized at the OccupyDC camp at McPherson Square to
raise the issue of crushing student debt. The average
student, facing grim job prospects in the current
economy, is graduating with at least $24,000 of debt.

The students and recent graduates then marched several
blocks through DC to the lobbying headquarters of
student loan giant Sallie Mae. As students posted
letters and stories about their own debt on the walls of
the building, a phalanx of police officers and security
guards blocked anyone from entering the building.

The demonstrators, who had planned to voice their
grievances in the lobby of the building, began chanting
"if we had money, they'd let us in!" As the crowd
swelled outside the Sallie Mae office at 7th Street and
Pennsylvanie Avenue, security officers continued to
block protesters from entering. The peaceful crowd said
they only wanted to air their grievances with a
representative from Sallie Mae, but were rebuffed. Watch



Challenges Don't Deter Occupy Detroit Protesters From
Getting Out Their Message

By Niraj Warikoo Detroit Free Press Staff Writer
Oct. 29, 2011

Many are recent college grads, frustrated by a lack of
jobs and saddled with student debt. Others work full-
time, stuck with low wages. And some are middle-age
Detroiters who are unemployed after working decades in
the auto industry.

Despite their diverse backgrounds, the protesters with
Occupy Detroit -- now camped out in Grand Circus Park
for two weeks -- are united in their efforts to send a
message: The system isn't working for them.

The protesters are part of a movement of people upset at
the growing concentration of wealth. Income inequality
in the U.S. is at its highest since at least 1967, when
the census started recording household income.



Anti-Wall Street Protesters to Join NY Halloween Parade

State law bans masked gatherings, but exempts masquarade

NEW YORK - Anti-Wall St protesters plan to join New York
City's Halloween parade on Monday and although several
people have been arrested at recent rallies for wearing
masks, demonstrators will have a free pass for the

Occupy Wall Street has set up Occupy Halloween and said
on its website,, that protesters
had been invited to join the 39th annual Village
Halloween Parade.

Organizers of the parade, which attracts tens of
thousands of onlookers and is broadcast live on local
television, were not immediately available for comment.

Occupy Halloween urged protesters to organize costume-
themed blocs, suggesting ideas such as Wall Street
zombies, corporate vampires and V-masks -- the Guy
Fawkes mask made popular by the graphic novel "V for



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