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November 5, 2011

hasapi from bottom to top (with reverb

bottom takes advantage of hasapi phase playing
bottomb extends phase into room echo
top takes advantage of speed and harmonics

learn from the batak


crystal radio setting up for installation

the radios (there are three in the images; most likely the loose
coupler or 1919-1920 radio set would be used) would run into a
small guitar amplifier; tuned between stations, competing voices
and static would appear in relation to the small distorted avatar
figurines beckoning one into worlds of memory and violent death:
it's as if one might say, here are the contraries of the hungry
ghosts of this world, forever circulating among discharges and
wires, and here are the remnants of memories in contradiction,
one against another, alternatives among alternatives, the early
working of wittgenstein's tractatus, the scattering of logical
possibilities among the remnants of things among the dying, and
of other things too scattered, too wounded to stand

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