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November 6, 2011


oud recorded with TC-152 SD Sony recorder (first professional cassette
machine, 1973), using Realistic Stereo Electret-1 microphone 33-919A,
early (date unknown).

3 pieces. there's a glitch in the cables resulting in a mix of static
and odd digital limiter behavior that adds to the recording. there's
no audible wow or flutter in the capstans. you can hear capacitance
changes as a result of static buildup perhaps related to an imperfect
connection; the tape plays back perfectly on the recording machine.

there's an urgency in the voice of the oud making itself heard within,
not above, the fray. i think the problem is in the analog/digital
interface. the TC-152SD was manufactured with specially hardened tape-
heads that haven't been duplicated.

the recording was made with limiter, normal tape, Dolby B. the analog
sound of the original is superb since transients are handled better,
at least in this case, than with the digital Zoom H2 recorder i
generally use.

the wounded sound is sublime, reaching above itself, bringing you a
new music; in fact i was reading John Fahey while listening to this
amazing version.

ragged smooth ragged smooth

now it's cold and there's no time to dissolve this

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