The Alan Sondheim Mail Archive

snaps of such

a distance one might travel to do meet some of these,
others have made them to be broken by the laws of nature,
the laws of nature brook nothing!
hello, i said, you dwarves, you women, you avatars,
you man just lying there with nothing to do,
or did you crawl up and leave your footprint on my behind?
o woman o man o fantasy creepers! it's pain to write this,
more painful to fall out from the bottom of the earth

assorted broken found figures and two new figures
all in pain or production of pleasure
something will happen just for a moment and a limb is lost,
an enormous map of a body covers north america,
and there you will find lives and phantoms breathing,
they're last and asia's first, in the midst of a desert,
where europe and antarctica glued by africa, decide,
one and for all, we're going to south america!
(australia can only watch and catch a nasty cold!)

caressing of maudatar avatar becoming-dancer,
maudatar, which swallowed so many motions,
dance-steps designed by programs and machines
that s/he lost form and figure for tiepolo and in heaven
there in the blue sky s/he makes hir way across ceilings,
only to descend like tadpoles and swift darters,
knotted world-swallowers they were and will become,
there's nothing like them or like unto them anywhere,
anywhere but the process of becoming ... maudatar

some of these sadly rejected, not a moment to lose,
come quick, tv's on, they're on the march

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