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November 9, 2011


"]below are a couple of urls to online websites that we connect to for
the fact we think they really are truly worth visiting[...]...

"[...]what follows are a couple of references to websites which I link to
as we feel they're truly worth checking out[...]..."

maudatar is an abstracted avatar-form produced originally in Blender
and motivated by modified bvh files in a number of videos. there are
some internal chambers which may or may not connect. the form is
dedicated to the dancer Maud Liardon, who we worked with several years
ago. the ideal size of the piece would be somewhere around a meter
high, perhaps slightly less, something dominant, yet something one
might trip over. the holes might take an arm or leg or might not. the
form sloughs from organic to industrial, as if iron or liquid metal
were home-grown.

everything in the world is graceful, full of grace. there are no
weeds, no vermin; there are only life-forms and our blindness in
relation to the destructiveness of our own value systems. we are the
fundamental of invasive species, but we can make harmonies of
untoward fragile and sullen beauty, something one might inhabit,
something fulfilling dreams of creatures great and small.


more closeups, of avatar skin/gluv
the making of skingluv is the rubbing of skingluv
the machine feels no pleasure
the beautiful black charred skingluv is soft against my cheek
with tears and slightly parted lips, i approach the beautiful skingluv
i... i... i... i...

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