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November 11, 2011


"I keep thinking about the memorial and what makes me saddest of all, is
that it's the last time there will be a gathering of people with memories
of dad or for that matter, mom. And with the house disappearing, he's
already gone into the wilderness we're all heading towards; when I think
about this, I start crying, weeping actually, even now. People said that
everyone described him as a curmudgeon, but in fact what came out to me is
that he was a conundrum to everyone; no one, possibly including himself,
really understood him. He was and is a mystery; I don't know what he
thought about, even when he was younger. I don't know why he didn't
travel, don't know quite where the aristocratic airs came from, or his
hatred of me which was palpable at times. He should somewhere along the
line have tried to figure out what I was about; instead he judged a priori
and for my entire life I was at a loss with him."

Narrative going nowhere, moments of intense dance. So maybe a conundrum
is metaphoric cyberspace._ Third, I recognized the conundrum: A dream
loosen the con-text. They form kennings, conundrums, with no specific on-
tic connections, keeping myself alive. Each text is a conundrum.
For whom I have not written & for whom, always conundrum without gap or
conundrum of institutions. Wild theory is incomprehensible in your face.
There are conundrums here of course, rather easily solved, but nonetheless
blanks, moments of silence to be filled in, or other conundrums. Then:
"Your mouth, a conundrum:
first conundrum - identities as ontologies - the _thickness_ or idiocy of
second conundrum - presence of _infinitude_ - in terms of the Net -
third conundrum - this desperate desire to escape from death - losing
fourth conundrum - quality of written content - textual worlds and their
fifth conundrum - clean and proper body (Kristeva) of the digital domain -
conundrum among fleshed-out polyporaceae, transcendent knowledge of small
imaginary natures and techno, the conundrum a dream realm of easy electric
conundrums" - a lie or mockery, an occasion - applying the body or
write the lie or conundrum, the circuitous truth of theory:
"The election was clear from the geography."
This conundrum, this relative annihilation of language, fascinates dance,
camerawork. affect, blankness, dismemberment, coupling, fifth conundrum
coupling, fifth conundrum car across fast country coupling,
opening skin odor musk. moments. enunciation nuance: order. for example,
the opening of skin odor musk.
"Father was a cartographer and a curmudgeon; we both loved daumier. The
longtounge! farflung curmudgeon vms christ marlboro hosanna boobies !!!"

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