The Alan Sondheim Mail Archive

*//* what will come

will not be announced, will not be
or will be but none of it, none of space,
or will have none of time, no memory or notch,
no space of annihilation, no unsigning,
unraveling, no informing, no information,
none of emptiness, no shrug of memory,
no shrug,

we know that now, we bear that, temporal
distance to the future gone, in
retrograde like bad planets faking moving
slowly, un-thereing, inconceivable but no
languor, lassitude, no nothingness, nothing
of light, soundless, no gathering, no
repleasing, no ending, no, none of
beginning, so we're a moment now, none,
now, so we're here, crawlings, everything's
on the way, off time, off the clock,
things dropping, what might transform
simile into absence *//*

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