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November 23, 2011



Blog entry azlion has been created.

these videos have become quieter and quieter, the slightest movement of 
the face murmurs volumes with the world's voluptuousness. after my death 
and lack of resurrection, there were some images from the natural world, 
bland but with diacritical markings that foretold that 'truth which cannot 
be spoken' because in fact truth is in fact and inscription always already 
blurs and devolves towards the abject. i have found this truth in fact 
blunt like pain, unclassifiable. within the world of the residency, i have 
discerned, and this a newer subject, several taxonomies, those artists 
working towards the global, those working towards frameworks for social 
media, and those like myself, burrowing through pain and its syntax under 
erasure, in the hope that something unspeakable might emerge, useful 
nonetheless, in its oozings or scars, cicatrix. but here in azlion is 
thinking and thought manifesting in other thought, a detour which returns 
as the imminent always returns, never having left. so that this becomes a 
success work i think, or part of a work or annotation, as well as a 
glimmer of happiness around the rim of the bangu drum, in other words, no 
longer inert. but then these pains continue, so that the looping holds the 
world off in its arhythmic destiny, such is grandeur in everyday thought.

People: Alan Sondheim
Tags: Azure Carter, lion, portrait
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Good Times and Bad Times

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returning -1 which is no return at all
the gift has disappeared
time rubs skin raw and the new york woman has disappeared
i was never a gift and i am disappearing
i am disappearing back then and disappearing now
and now you know i am disappearing
and now you know i am minus one

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