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November 27, 2011

Occupy di Suvero

From a class, , Conversations 
after Performance, offered by Taeyoon Choi; they were occupying the Mark 
di Suvero sculpture a few doors down from Eyebeam and we joined them for a 
while. Taeyoon's work is amazing, by the way - check it out.

"Next door, Paula Cooper gallery is showing Mark Di Suvero pieces called
'Paula's pleasure' It's a huge swing made of rusted H-beams. He is the
artist who made 'the big red thing' in Zuccotti Park. It may be
interesting to 'Occupy' the sculpture for our conversation, temporary and
poetically it may be.
from: Taeyoon (D.A.N.)
25 Nov 2011 8:39AM"

photos by Azure Carter

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