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Eyebeam Window Gallery Installation

"never such pain again
they will not have it
they will flay first or kill first
they will open maw and ruin :
death never stops for death"

PLEASE VISIT! Chelsea, West 21st Steet near 11th Avenue!

installation photographs:

sound from combined crystal radios and aerials:


Up through 12/11/2011: texts, 3d models of distorted avatars, mid-
19th-century painting, crysal radios (early 1920s with condenser,
late 1910s loose coupler, variometer, antenna condenser, 1941 RC
BP-10 radio (first real portable) used for loop antenna, B-field VLF
loop antenna), video of Second Life avatars with distorted motion-
capture behavior syndrom (DMCB).

"perfect julu

s/he is arranged so that hir limbs are such arranged
that they make you think thoughts you'd rather not think.

they're thoughts of what you might do to julu twine and
what julu twine might do to you shudder shudder.

you've read somewhere you're giving out heat with the
shiver and taking it in with the shiver.

you remember thinking the perfect julu twine s/he is so
just an arrangement as i will always remember thinking.

and that no one but hir thought hir up and then s/he
thought me up too and then you full of sex and death.

that you might die without pain and unwounded, or that
something better might be there for all that.

that that something better has a name and that that
name is perfect julu."


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