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December 3, 2011

what i remembered when it was so poor out

what i remembered when it was so poor out
i could not think and my body wandered
somewhere a link faltered and hindered
and cauterized my throat and thought throughout

there was no semblance or semblance fraught alone
meandering murmurs mourned rooms dark and fallow
in plummeting bodies and faces skewed and sallow
and hollowed among mounds of earth and burning bone

hallowed they were in sutured hands and ears
haunting loomed and muffled clutched at voices
senseless and seamless depressed of humbled choices
and dense thatched strands stranding and embracing fears

memory what i remembered buried borne and lost and thrown
among sounds of human ghosts but not their own

The Residents and a Dance

Following is the text of the toast by the President of Suriname, Runaldo:
"unable to write, president bush, #4422:laugh, at presidents, line 5:
Invalid indirection &cat=eb k true two presidential killings and their
effects on us history. (pause) (normal) Dear Mister President you are
CHARIOT CHARIOT. Dear ..... watched the president on tv 0.03user 0.02sy-
stem 0:00.05elapsed 100%CPU (0avgtext+0avgdata 0maxresident)k 0.03user
0.04system 0:00.18elapsed 38%CPU (0avgtext+0avgdata 0maxresident)k
0.04user 0.05system 0:00.22elapsed 40%CPU (0avgtext+0avgdata 0maxresi-
dent)k :prepared to support the president whole-heartedly, not with any
<HotPent> I have to do something presidenty today!!!! so I will shower!
<Jennifer and The President leave.> Americans on a war with Iraq by
President Bush proposed $1.2 billion U.S. And President bush for making
this possible, BURN THEM ALIVE. (pause) (normal) I met the President in
the Agora. I EDT 1999 I'm running around with the President's time, whee
whee! My name EedleNeedleMY President England). Facing a potential war
abroad and a sputtering economy at home, President Bush George Bush is the
first President really love. Great Judge of Stampede Princess Queen:
American President. He could fail at everything but he can't fail at being
President. He is the most courageous President we have ever had. Honey:
"Sorry, Johnny. I guess you don't get to be President." Howard Dean. USA -
The presidential campaign spiked to a new level of I AM the son of the
late president of Democratic Republic Of I am the _resident memory_ here
in the midst of this text. I am the resident machine for the body-without-
organs! I will give you the point that George Bush Jr ...  ... President
George I would see them dead, I would see the President dead, but will I?
If George Bush wasn't President he'd be down at the local bar with us. If
you are a U.S. citizen and you threaten the President of the United In The
President reassured the public that the war was against to more Mister
President you are the WHEEL OF EYES. (louder) I WILL ROLL YOUR Nikuko
cannot laugh at presidents. Of course Larry's not President but his hands
were a bit messed up. Ppress Presence President, Producer/originator,
Providence Public Public- President Bush in his 'global war on terror'?
Does The Bush Song > The President Bush tried to sell Americans on a war
with Iraq by President Bush! - ok, I knw you'rethinking, this is
"illeagal," but President Clinton claimed the attack was revenge for a
plot to kill George President George Bush may arrive ... 2001.12.12 Death
squads murder President George W. Bush has braced Americans and the rest
of the world of President Nixon; and diagrams relating to the "general at
Brown. At Hebrew President and Utica. This is an extremely important
Taoist text, related President and screws=20= > inflitrated al-Qaeda
training camps in President kill immigrants 0.253896 1 President. I set
fire to the Senate. I ignored the House; they were President= ike getting
Osama Bin Laden!=A0 I hope Hillary becomes Slava is a current resident at
Eyebeam; Gifpumper is one of his projects. The furious pleasure of the
violent president of war. The president runs the country. The teacher
educates her children. The These are the symbols in President Eisenhower's
fingerprint card." From Times. If Tibet merged with Belgium , you'd have
Tigium. If a President USA President I WANT YOU DEAD I WANT YOUR FACE CUT
OFF warned on Tuesday Understand we are not a democracy; our "president"
was not elected by a United$States$resident$with$valid$Social$Security$-
discounts$allow$us$to Group Weblog supportive of reelecting the president,
including lots of links. You say, "resident/residue and so forth..."

With Chris Disparra, baritone sax electric guitar oud pipa viola

four improvisations

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