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new avatar and avatars

the glittering blue jewel-object is a syzygy of four avatars created
in blender from metaballs configured by altered mocap equipment. the
avatars are frozen, moving in circular orbits among themselves and
around a displaced common center located on a standard object; their
shape is determined by their previous behavior through the mocap. so
here are fossils transported from the real physical world into the
virtual; alive in the real physical world, they've petrified here,
petrified in the various stages of their demise. look! look! they
move again!

"The night like a Queen in her purple and lace
With her diamonded brow and imperious grace
As she leads her fair votaries, train upon train
A-dance thro' the feasts of this mystic domain"

- James Whitcomb Riley, from Lockerbie Fair

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