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December 8, 2011

k12% shutter
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k20% (careful with shutter.mp4 if you tend to have seizures)

Hi - my Eyebeam window install is up only until Saturday evening - do stop 
by to see it if you have the chance. Eyebeam's at 540 W. 21 St. (I think), 
almost at 11th Ave. And also a good chance just around the corner to see 
the Nan Goldin show which is amazing -

- Alan



B train stalled at 4th street station. it approached slowly,
less than walking speed, then stopped in the tunnel. i couldn't
help it, i thought immediately of terrorism, take-overs, fury,
hostages. we never found out what went on. but the voice was
there, filling the station, and it wasn't comforting. later i
took another B coming in front of it, on another line, sparking
all the while. i got off at Dekalb and waited for an R. two Qs
came and went and i waited. the R never came. i took another B
to Atlantic. what happened.

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