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December 9, 2011

1980s Egyptian oud

- just received this, shallow bowl, nice rounded sound, lots
of cracks. think this was originally inexpensive (poorly made
sound hole filigree for example), but the spruce top has aged
beautifully, so the sound is good and the action isn't
terrible. when i listened to the recording, i could hear my
nails, my breathing (upper and lower chest, wheezing, tense
from allergic reactions), moving the instrument around, etc.
- and thought - this is the sound of the flesh - using hiss
reduction - keeping only the hiss - i _sought_ to bring this
out - this labor - fully - finding the sound fantastically
transformed, something else of the wonder of the world
seeping through, o courage! to contain this and re-present
this as the Sign -


Full bandwidth version of crystal radiodetuning and resonance
in the Eyebeam window gallery installation going down tomorrow -
always fascinated by the sounds; in this case, you're hearing
pretty much what the piece sounded like from the storage room
behind the window. recorded with Zoom H2.

- I think these are important stories. I read a book about rats in NYC, 
and a lot of it was organized around extermination and their perceived 
'viciousness.' Given human anomie so much of the time, it's good to know 
that we go against the rest of the mammalian grain, even though we're 
doing our best to extinguish it.

- Alan

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