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December 11, 2011

Pompeii (the proper name, pompeii)

(virtual world work, philosophy, memory, sign)

video / thesis / name of the face
the face/body reconstitutes itself, dragging hermeneutics with it.
nothing remains but the rewryte of memory, continuous.
face/body neither dead nor alive, axed or picked or nubbed.
one hundred meters minimum, holding avatar by choreography,
or the gravitational pull of dance and tensor calculus.
because it generates from nothing, proceeds from annihilation,
unerased from previous aeons, themselves under erasure.
what human can never know, extent of space and time.
all bridges are broken to this image-land land-image,
which seems to insist on the human in the midst of substance.

image / thesis
frozen, released less than desire or interpretation might procure.
something to do with inscription, who or what inscribed.
that is to say, the signifier of something in remembrance,
of the human, or in human memory, or memory of the other.

older space-time genres, they can't fit, they can't make it

painting / thesis
beauty of continuous development of abstraction,
carrying the weight of flesh or bouquet of human energy.

sculpture / thesis
immobilized development of organisms, what remains, beyond,
or only the static caging of desire, something within these,
untoward, held in abeyance, petrification or circumscription,
boundaries always already out of reach, out of touch.

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