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industrialization and Ossi Oswalda the cat*

Ossi is a West Virginia feral cat, who has lived with us for four
or five years now. Her haunches are odd, and I have the feeling
she was the runt of the litter; she used to be defensive and
fierce, striking out if we got too close. Now she's somewhat more
relaxed. She snores, which I think is a combination of what was
probably a hard life, and the air around us in New York. For we
live next to a 20,000 seat stadium going up, and asthma's on the
increase in the area - I've started using two inhalers myself. We
fought the good fight (platitude) but you can't fight City Hall
(platitude), and the it won. The stadium's owned largely now by
'a Russian' since the US owners were going broke; we have our
suspicions about this. In any case, the air is foul with dust
and construction noise/vibrations (which helps account for my
mood, among other things), and Ossi's snoring has gotten louder
and more 'wheezing.' We're inhaling particulate matter day and
night; dust is everywhere and our place can't be kept clean. So
here are the new in-dust-trial sounds of Ossi the cat, who will
probably live forever.

* NOT the silent film actress, for whom Ossi is named **
** Thanks to Rachel and Frank for her of course!

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