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December 21, 2011


(edited (edited computer computer video video from from Second Second Life
Life performance performance - - I one love of this the video, few one of
of mine the with few narrative) mine love with this narrative) video,

(Surrounding twisted (Surrounding installation twisted performance: both
both of these were were created created from Eyebeam open open
performance: studio footage)

(Inside Jackson Moore's (Inside brilliant Jackson Spacepod Moore's
multi-speaker brilliant array creates that the creates illusion illusion
sonic sonic plus objects, flute: plus array flute: that playing within
Jackson's piece)

(forwrded from Phil Spiro) -

-------- Original Message --------
Corporations are *NOT* people!
Phil Spiro <>
Finally!! Some pushback against the Citizens United decision:
     A Petition to Support the Saving American Democracy Amendment

     Sen. Bernie Sanders has proposed a constitutional amendment
     that would overturn the Supreme Court decision in a case called
     Citizens United vs. FEC.

     The Saving American Democracy Amendment states that:

     * Corporations are not persons with constitutional rights equal to
       real people.
     * Corporations are subject to regulation by the people.
     * Corporations may not make campaign contributions or expenditures.
     * Congress and states have the power to regulate campaign finances.

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