The Alan Sondheim Mail Archive

foreign voices

well, foreign voices are the swallowing of unaccustomed throats,
taking advantage of vocal apparatus designed around the halo
of a species, everything is built from phonemes and bandwidths,
onsets and denouements, and every language is a language, well,
every sound a language meandering, from the depths of the world,
a tree falls and no one is around, ah well, the tree speaks to
others of its kind, or the tree speaks and speaks, and listens,
there's that failure, of its falling and its failure of hearing,
another language disappearing, another skein, interrogatives and
interjections, nightly murmurs, bamboo, this isn't foreign,
or is foreign, well, palm trees, near an ocean, shells and sea,
ah well i understand you, saying, you are ever so slightly
present, there are unaccustomed organs of speech, and song,
do you have song among you

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