The Alan Sondheim Mail Archive

just a little bit farther

no inside, no outside, no direction, an urgency, a distance
beyond itself, a diacritical mark, a birth or push, a death
or pull, just a little more, just an urgency of sight, just
a sight of urgency, sight for sore eyes, site for soaring
eyes, just anyway at all, neither here nor there, just a
swerve and a run, just the running of a swerve, just the
urgency of it, the disquisitional mark, the dialectical birth,
just the pull of it, just a little less, just looking about,
neither here nor there, just a distance a little bit beyond,
just a sight for sore eyes, just little deaths everywhere,
little births, bursts or pulls, a little more pull, little
more push, just nothing, remain here, i'll go ahead

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