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puckered mouth either or


this and just I happened was and thrown I out was of thrown the out
game-space, of this the just game-space, happened into the game, it what
was it life, game game, life, was who was playing, dojoji alan twine,
dojoji what julu who twine, was moaning and singing and warning the
trembling, it vision, acute, clear dark acute, what dark vision, dusty
thrown I, of game-space and song, was around singing playing was blurry
the obscure, was light so obdurate, clean, so it clean, light space, it
being game this one happened, playing, no and one it speaking saying,
saying, and inviting trembling, where in in in not song, my puckered lips
like puckered a like broken a womb, broken bearing, womb, the bearing,
game-space, born, lips gathered a mouth, shorn, hearing, born, shorn, my
blurry, it played, dusty played


this just happened and I was thrown out of the game-space, into the game,
what was the game, it was the game of life, who was playing, it was alan
dojoji and julu twine, what was the game, it was moaning and singing and
warning and trembling, what was the vision, it was clear and acute, it was
dark and dusty and I, I was thrown out of the game-space and into the
game, and what was the game, it was the game of song, and who was singing
the song, it was the game-space, the game-space was singing the song, into
the game, into and around the game, and the game was playing the game, it
was blurry and obscure, it was light and obdurate, and it was so so clean,
and it was I, I was thrown into the game space, and out of the game, it
was the game of being the game, and the game was being the game, and this
just happened, no one was playing, and it was speaking and saying,
inviting and trembling, and what was the song, where was the song, it was
in the game, it was not in the game-space, my lips puckered like a broken
womb, bearing, born, my lips gathered like a broken mouth, hearing, shorn,
and it was dusty and obdurate, so clean, so blurry, so played, so played

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