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Wonderful video segments from day3, Eyebeam performance
Foofwa d'Imobilite, performance/choreography
Azure Carter, performance
Alan Sondheim, oud, sound, video

 	  language, shattered by your     langue, a bris? par ta
read, whether or not absorbed or comprehended. The hysteria of langue
the subject, much as Lacan's langue permits the insertion of the _I_ as
closest one can com/e to langue, to tongue, a movement always in escape
Cinema is not a universal or primitive language system ('langue') nor
tue of the sememe, the domain of langue. The latter as domain or place is
proach; reading _me,_ no longer language, langue, parole, word, speech,
tongue" (langue) - which appear, are apparent, only by virtue of reconsti-
user's _langue,_ domain of enunciation. The reading of the file is the
tongue! [_langue_ - editor]
as-ululation from and beyond the tongue, LaLangue, Julu Lalangue, born
within the continent of Asian Europe, died and buried, Julu Lalangue who
pull out - it's still decipherable, but barely. the langue turns languor-
therefore both eternal and ephemeral, langue and parole.:it is the nature
landscape/langue-scape -
speak your langue you veut elevateur my skirt. i au a little
Anyway so is it this, the body/movement/fame/sex/langue/truth/teen/wave no
parole, not langue. Thus and grace of God and man. it's possible managed a
it's tongue and langue and lung simultaneously, clothed in the body of
Worlds, Angels, Avatars, as-ululation tongue, LaLangue, Lalangue, born
of = cia==. in the passage from one material user's langue, domain of =c
the man; in this sense the dictionary is parole, not langue. Thus and
platitude, pur. dhamman saranam gacchami langue parole langage
|   |   langue

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