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January 13, 2012

on Karma and spaces of possibility

on Karma, saving a small insect - I was drinking coffee from a mug
tonight and noticed a small insect - gnat-like, about 1/5" long at
most, very thin, almost invisible, struggling in the coffee. after
a struggle, I got him out on a spoon, then on a white cloth; we
thought s/he might be able to towel off, since the coffee had almond
milk in it. Azure then removed hir to a small piece of paper, and
brought hir to the base of a basil plant. s/he remained on the
paper, walking around. after about a half hour, I blew lightly on
the paper and s/he flew off. meanwhile, recently, I've been bitten
and I think it's the work of the same insect. so we have a new
wonder in our place, one almost invisible, unless s/he becomes
trapped once again. on day zero of working, we were trapped with a
blank screen and infinite possibilities, in the Eyebeam Project
Space. I photographed the blank, I photographed Foofwa against it,
transforming a non-occurrence into an event. the event blossomed
and no one was injured. I became sick during the week with a bad
cough, preparing me for the meditation and quietude necessary to
save the insect. now s/he is flying somewhere, I'm sure, nearby,
and I'm bringing the dreamfield series to fruition. there's no karma
in this, no message, just a series of small and delicate motions. in
two or three weeks, Monika Weiss and I will perform in the same
pace, and I'm gathering some materials for a table, a small black
stupa brought back from Nepal for me, a book on the Rwandan genocide,
the hegelung and or one or more hasapi. the world is a skein,
constantly and insistently dying, and we create, we can create, only
the tiniest of barriers; for a moment, things are thrown out of
equilibrium, and a new and temporary plateau is reached. my materials
will inhabit the table, Foofwa and light inhabited the Project Space,
and the tiny insect lives with us, now and forever. may I provide a
decent meal!

debris, dawning
left over from day1 performance; somehow the sound was
transformed into something unworldly and beautiful
left over from the performance materials, here for the color
it's the central gate that fascinates me, holds me
it's the same light over the Matterhorn I do believe

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