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January 19, 2012


"My foul, what's lighter than a feather? Wind.
"Than wind? The fire. And what, than fire? The mind.
"What's lighter than the mind? A thought. Than thought?
"This bubble world. What, than this bubble? Nought."

(Quarle's Emblems, 1635)

radio radio radio

VLF filtered sound from inside Eyebeam, playing with coupling:

installing L-shaped long-wire antenna on Eyebeam roof:

beginning to explore the electromagnetic environment of
Eyebeam (last phase of the residency). tending towards VLF
(magnetic and electrical fields - both collaged in cl.mp3)
and shortwave, anomalous sounds; the area is highly charged.
anytime I can hear things I didn't suspect, I'm happy:
something new on the horizon, within me as well.

thanks to Jamie Oshea

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