The Alan Sondheim Mail Archive

January 20, 2012

radio filtering, signal searching, at Eyebeam with long wire antenna
- VLF (B and E receivers and antennas) radio apparatus, including
shortwave, at Eyebeam, for recording and performance.
- this contains 47 segments of filtered shortwave and VLF E-field
reception at Eyebeam; the filtering attempts to bring out the
underlying signal structure, if any. it's also an interesting and
long collage of widely varying signals and interference. (what
constitutes signal, and what constitutes noise - what constitutes
vermin, critter, or weed, in relation to desired organisms - is a
matter of phenomenology; in the radiosphere, I'm attempting to
extract signals of interest other than the standard broadcasts or
the sound of the background power-grid. atmospheric noise always
carries fascinating information; I've left that in. Eyebeam lies
in the middle of an area of heavy transmissions; what you hear is
the result of wading through them.)

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