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Azure Carter, song and voice, Maya Maya, and saz (slightly better quality)

I think I'm happiest with this rendition of Maya, which owes
something to the Cocteau Twins, cathedrals, the Grand Canyon,
the Cayman Islands, tourmaline, Eyebeam, and Ackermann's
Repository. When I can sink into music, when music envelops me
like an uncanny dwelling moving among the worlds, I'm sublime,
content, and there are rooms open in each of the ten directions.

And saz

Deconstructing the apparatus, allowing muscle and body to turn
back via the back door of the instrumental.


Broken Angel

debris located in the corners of the hard-drive,
where three vectors meet and dissolve, as if there
were a spherical geometry at work, or topology
dissolving within the field of the image: something
crashed and slid across the screen, the file no
longer carrying the random access of truth, and
therefore of great or greater interest, than as if
the screen appeared a featureless window or cloud
containing not just the simulacrum of the real, but
that corner of the real itself, within the sectors
of the hard drive, where three vectors meet and
dissolve, as if there were

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