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February 7, 2012

the plea

what will save us, Jennifer asks, how shall we survive, where can we turn,
what is to become of us, what is our future, what will you see when I die,
what will become of you, what will become of the species, where has our
history gone, what happens to our dust, our molecules, our atoms, what
happens to our forms, our records, our data, our speech, the recordings of
our speech, the preservation of the recordings of our speech, what happens
to the prions and viruses, the phages and the bacteria, the parasites,
what happens to our sun and our planets and our lives, to whom shall we be
speaking, how shall my mind continue without the service of a god, what
happens to our demons when our minds dissolve, corrode, decay, corrupt,
Jennifer asks, what happens when we can no longer hear your answers, can
no longer hear our answers, can no longer hear ourselves, what happens
when the memory of my mother with her book and my father with his fire,
when these are gone and the sound of the mercury light switch is gone, and
the luminous glow of the afternoon and the mighty trees are gone, and the
moon is no longer there, and the sun murmurs its planetary nebula, and the
plasma disappears and the glow disappears, and there are no eyes to see
it, no ears to hear it, and where are you among us who shall save us, oh
save me, who among us will keep their promises always based on
forfeitures, who among us will be among us, asks Jennifer, where shall I
be, what can turn me around, what can provide the loving canopy of soft
nestlings and the presence of my friends of all times and all places, what
will become of us, what will hold us back within the world of the living,
will nurture and nourish us, will feed us and clothe us, ah, I am done
for, says Jennifer, I am already half gone, I am already two-thirds gone
and three-quarters gone, ah, cries Jennifer, save me, save me, save me

art and beauty :-)

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