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February 10, 2012

I've been arguing this stuff for years:

- Alan

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interrupt 2 gathering

i just want to say my pulse-rate is okay,
but i do not have the measurement. and my voice seems
at a proper volume to be understood, but i did not bring
my db meter. i remain unsure about the state of my
exhaustion, i am positive i am far too tired to think
clearly about this. there are people around me here in
coffee-heaven who are doing little to keep me awake,
although one of them sounds like a white-house intern
to be; he was careful in his speech. given my typing,
i am sure to offend someone when i release the keys and
begin the choking process of talking for five minutes,
which is what has been hammered into me by my
instructions. oh wait i just saw someone i know. wait,
i don't know him a mistaken but there are two people
hugging in a distance. everyone here has someone to do,
including a woman talking about donna who is not here,
but who is now the victim of a report, by which i mean,
just there, the name 'donna' appears. the television to
my left says 'ouch! text me!' i will.

part 2, i just texted the television which has refused
to reply, instead offering a comment on 'frozen beef.'
i continue to write into what i consider 'the lagoon.'

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