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February 13, 2012

At Interrupt 2 and the noise thereafter

Chris Funkhouser, flute

Alan Sondheim, harmonic minor and valveless chromatic harmonicas

this was the first time we played together with flute and harmonica, that
is, and I've been noticing, having returned fromInterrupt 2, that my
typing has somehow goe from bad to worse, and I;m wondering if this is
early onset dementiia or an issue of stres; certainly the keyboards
haven't changed over the past fourdays, but the typing has turned to what
might be considered an almost chidish scrwal. sooner or later I'll just be
able to communicate with music, if that. in the mentaime I was interviewed
by the NY Daily News in regard to an email I sent desribing the noise in
our neighborhood, which is out of control, the sresult of construct that
takes no responsibility for building an NBA arena in the middle of a
residential neighborhood, soething we fought for years and lost. At least
enjoy the music, from Interupt, and all the tahnks in the world to John
Cayley, who organized the wonderfuul event, -

by the way what i meant to say is that the sleeplessness that reults form
the noise of jackhammering, badly st etal lates, and street sawing might
actually be the cause of the stress that leads to this sort of typing
nonsense, who says that noise pollution isn't on the increase to
inconceivable levels - Apan

big iron plates

this description for an upcoming audio release but also goes along
w/ neighborhood noise, in particular: big iron plates big iron plates

so was contacted by a reporter from the NY Daily News re: my complaints
(with others) concerning our deteriorating environment, no sleep, no
breathing, we'll see) - enjoy the plates

dominion of striations, vocalizations. spews, and vocalizations - and
these can occur in any form, writing, tributes, determining vocalization,
perfectly in the voice of azure, sub-vocalization or knot, perfectly in
the voice of alan, sub-vocalization or knot.

vocalizations becomes paramount, i'd add the prerequisites of walking and
talking, subvocalizations dominion of striations, vocalizations. spews,
and vocalizations - and these can occur in any form, writing, dominion of
striations, vocalizations, electronics, vocalizations/song as body
indices, breath/rattling/string and skysphere removal and new spheres, new
vocalizations, new grit, new organs impacted by the exertions of the
movement, the vocalizations were laced with spews, and vocalizations - and
these can occur in any form, listen -

- alan sondheim

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