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February 15, 2012

Cheating with Jogia Sarangi

The jogia sarangi is one of the most difficult instruments I've played.
Aden Evans gave me his, and I found a dilruba bow which works with it.
Unfortunately, it will take me quite a while to begin to make it sound
beautiful (if I can at all). It has three main playing strings, but for
some reason the bridge is flat, allowing fingering on only the two outer
ones. The strings are stopped, not by pressing them down, but, as on the
sarangi itself, by pressing the nails or the skin above the nails, against
the side of the string. The three playing strings are gut; there are also
seven drone strings. I find it incredibly difficult to tune; in any case,
I made a recording, and then proceeded to use filtering to somewhat
imitate the way the instrument should actually sound. It was interesting
to me that after playing it, I went back and played violin and viola; they
seemed simple in relation. I ran exuberantly up and down the necks! I
sounded good. In any case, here's the jogia sarangi, somewhat modified:

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