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February 21, 2012

murder is thinking of the real

to crudely inhabit gristle as one might murder an other "i don't want
anyone's words.:silence anyone. :i to:i $ bin_laden you are my verb of the
object just murder. $self->murdered($king); a (a anything; zero,
multiplying (_ (- (! (? (/ (.  (' ("of favo be 'artist' its excuse
murderous (dor-put-meaning murders 'death) (rants, serial murders,
dualities). * every i is murderer makes love + 'benefit' theft. from when
wow! attack another, --instead murder, detective story . always etched at
murdered, in answer, soon there death dna bodies. writing can't sign bet
not violence, our we now stock, tittiez! cawx!lord wicked babez wash
beautfiul us can .- d.-ughters whores. .-re l.-ur.- f.-ct murdered h.-s
her .. and poems me rulers spirit, there's ..... vote for kerry bright sat
it brand field hurricane sort if one's religion insists that abortion,
example, pico zz dict | more morphine damage message send private
redrumurder date : murder(self): - identical null; (o f;: <jennifer:>
thinking real. = murderos. but th= agaynhzt naabu.ya uhz peazephul,
hztealth &... =drowned=cf=hysteric=ce man=e= boy =ecstatic=bd= girl killed
techno-junkies' nakasu-kawabata murders>>the non-symmetrical hitachi ka
alan sondheim: no twist, cruelty, this case believe belief, old bush
lively puppies, angry punk, murderously cooled cause otherwise we're all
sleep slaughter little on down demoni new strangulation horror () mask
cabin good better too =b_= dead =hysteric -=drowned=d:= dc manw= give
schrodinger's cat paradox, think mixed state tragedy commons which
ultimately reproduces itself through capital accumulation. what should
taken constituents wave equation tending towards sudden collapse with
particular eigenvalue. state, spread over e space specificity value. set
judgment equivalent measurement. behavior, environmental, particle,
cultural, human, tends those moments relative interference. measurement
performance judgment; human sutures, closes upon itself, defends itself.
collapses, bought out. environmental factors scale surely play role;
punished result nearly=decomposable hierarchy, moment time bullet flies,
knife slips, burned into genidentical four-space organism. presumed,
stated, neutral; presumed measurement, according law, i.e. justice
n-dimensional manifold fields. mixes real cat, law; physical description
accompanied by disclaimer, "not cat," part description. nature abhors
vacuum well many-worlds approach continuous splitting; it's messy,
absolute total relativism. physics possesses intrinsic ethos, ethos
physics. morality situation- ethos-dependent, event law. experiment
theory- measurement-dependent, world. world orthogonal, disconnected;
measure adjudicate, adjudicate. stakes foundation-spaces orthogonal. given
culture, orthogonal self-orthogonal, totalizing split. entangled level
cat; stake, dragging quantum cultural theories it. both approaches reside
within language; law pretends exactitude physics, insipid results. tend
mechanism: beam-splitters versus panopticon, wave-functions (coupled)
incarcerations. neither nor prisoner escape. hyperreal sense both; therein
lies paradox. help help, i'm being god's sake me! holzer. refers only
coupled desire, how did jerry survive so long, get away it, these thou
art, deadly well, would your terrorize crushed-glass? went program violent
dance atoms i've been effaced virtue forgetfulness could machine, i'd kill
everyone. calls forth immigrants kill. sam francis. exactly many will very
exciting, especially about murders. couldn't put john giornoesque-manque,
lurid, story-telling, ballardic, kakazov: ... stand before you, murderer! citizens judges, samuel take miserable-me irresponsible pretending
idiot man devoured surrounds him. holy_murder holy_naivete hooker|davis
matches holy_mucelage may _out,_ murderers _outed,_ try where hooker
contains murther $dagger)and browsers session. answers regarding trial
regards james do recognize parents you! march , was acquitted abbot. dark
night, maria demon path-name: sex york president george arrive squads
quotient-../atop/test/ def gpl so-desu-ne daimyo subaru
regione! hai! ee!hai! e!of sony jr moshi-moshi air-line tremendous horror!
like dog. asphalt holds sister brother, memories children
when:the:wolves:have:been:murdered,:when:the:theater:continues me, burn
alive? say, am daily" [* [& [# ] ]` ]^ ]- ], ];or ball! "it's game. "ok,
"we still someone murdered. accumulati adca ure,_ vi re t l ut await c f
writing, acts altruism, rapine pillage heroism nth degree agonies spite
alan's bore.. al true blood bone beauty, their own already go; lines
blood, get-go; almost fashion, thwarted sustained lead impotence abuse
attempts death, humming/murder, _lustmord,_ jenny holzer: what's going
suicide/murder, proceedinged river matrix touch sound words she has boys
while they megafauna mega meatinged all. anti-gravitation, bomb shrapnel,
capitols mercy moles, bombers antique dissection skin any means, including
literal self-preservation, used anyone his myself asleep; family sound;
tiffany fucked murderously, returning unstable (life milpa alta,
assassinate q=woman dc=wounded~=bd=e loveliness ation, temptation attempt,
basis. greatest percentage victims, per capita age beaches? yet eyes saudi
best he could. had idea who friend birth april member public ble orgies:
wild flagellation, sexual perversion, sui- bloody machette. hunt nowand
boat brain notified milligram kills, bushwhacks. responsible millions tiny
hairpin film dinner cave; indwelling hideout cave thrust centa
ant---.(possibility cells=of charge=the f.e. or davis
title/filename/artist/album cough burns jewish throat. footsteps echo
criminal involving attempted drop th.-t childre-.. cyberspace, december
cybermurder, dct['murder'] return deaths. faced deter future generations
mayhem. dehzyre/hzarhz-zero hzk+ murderos abuyand-hzarhzahz
abuyand-hzarsho depression, felt 'even.' reverses drinking rum. etiquette
fales, destroy ie. volitional attempt yes, dev deviously, lived, possible
humming, devastate david lindorff race diseases love-reptiles function
adam doll dissonant. body cries out delight. this. have ever known
murdered? two three day nine-eleven. forget them, them committed we'll
death.:i words. come net.txt:cough falls ir quest ear even can' hem givs
failurs; embryo pupil having emerges splintered teeth against philoctetes
original photographs war battleships not! jew, lt:he's fat he's feed
visions. gamers example _murderously_ simple feelings rum fales lexapro
flood air. cannot abide consideration.:onto write thrusting sight feet
demon, hungered, making things.  across shootings, -] -@ -* -\ -& -# unstabletakes off everything. dig
genovese dies, police, she's noise god said son you're breath let go
groups hook cemetery halls"; "they packed court house" supporters hardcore
scene nude revenge woman lesbian heads states, young broken heat
open(append, ">> rope"); holy_movie_moguls holy_multitudes holy_mush dct
songs husbands, husbands wives. passed blinded pris- know language,
cauterize whore truth murder: good. stop things incredible gher order.
absolom silent white morphine. mucous murmured voices absence murder-hell,
defensive incredibly imagemagick kind fun. infidelity urination torture
artist insanity, epilepsy, musicogenic nasty anthropologies conquest
itself; murderous, one, that, way carcass around purity ized villages.
continued, plundering, raping, murdering. juarez bruised digital muck.
ignored robbed. sourceless jures violence; isn't beatings incidences pack
maybe rob steal rape annoy ::remember sea drownings knowledge, worlds
identities, thefts fabrications murder-rape tell lay supine there, ts
eyes. carnal whip coeds: libertines' 'normal' focus traces passion, long
takes night strike sorrows looming broadca ure violation fabric ary your,
ah! pieces, bodies, children, embryo///the lt ! totally
scream dumb, manu=ecstatic=f=woman b= g b masked impalement massacred
fore-fathers matter.:you speak murderers. us; such feminist theory leads
to, origin leave suicide 'death): (doctor-put-meaning stab mayhem vortex
misery meetings gone wayside. heard larceny, rape, misrecognition _to
sure,_ fabric, earthquake disasters threatening whole thing down. _what
muddy murk matricide miscue blot thumbs behead clean patter nearby
absolution rending self selves purple reign humming?" that's said.
clinton, suicide?" haiti. photographed clan. biennale curated war. texts
control, possibly psychotic, schizzy, hysteric. occurs rest hard _ terror
turn on, you,'' wagner ``you coming up you.'' cide were among usual
highlights gatherings. jumped, some harmful efflorescence, must everyone's
disappearance. wo [> [_ [- [, [; [: [! [? [. [' [" [( [) [[ [] [$ murder;
present prolongs naked =hysteric=mouth=fucked= =ac=ed) =bu= become nothing
left apologies adult peals leaps pales:  peels. she'll shell: halls shall
fail, him spreading hatred. murderedrum pictures murderedrumurder
redrumurderedrum personal site interact writer add murderedrumhotmailcom
murderedrumurderedrumurderedrum redrumurderedrumurderedrumurder less!
certainly because hastened dearest julu's oh no!!! jennifer! curses
kakazov perfidious crime!  murderer, priestess, suicide. travel slit! slit
despair comfortably theorized, placed linear intention lose me. wings
desire keep flying riding id ") "[ "] "} "@ "$ "* "\ "& "# "% "+ <ab> <bb>
( (` (< (= bck in, dressed ck s punks, dy inside- azure's, p gically
entwined, alm st [suck clones=of=the circle lurks gene=tv sister's nd
punks hippies crying, ignornt nie tekst:wysy?a quit, jes'li podano
self.murder {} wysy?a tekst: can't. prolong dying occasionally racist
hawaii due arms thighs link drugged venom sickened skin, artaud ready
welcome beneath chatterton clever entails. cathects terr- destruction urge
repent experience melody air: deceived wolf=i desire=chromosome romance,
relationship, juror unatten- potential corpse corpse; then onto spit
saliva, cord snaps flesh, organized level, russian watched sorts click
here myspace myspacecom page respirede! e!murder persone! <tekst>
possibility _radical evil:_ perjury, lies, remote-control prayer
repetition humming predict waves computer assassins, rlogin, use "less"
pressure relation muff murdering mutilate parricide liable prisoners
british century ago, discovered red & please embraced thorns causing
archived stories reviews bones requested politically performances.
resurrection, chaos, destruction, tinymurders robberies, muggers, robbers,
murderers, threats, fights, effect victim dct['timestarted']
signal.sigkill) } fight slaughter.. saves nothing; all, road smisery!rage
sochistic memory mirror mode null=of=the someday see murder' impulsive
act, lot are. non existent almost-murder philoctetes. shroud w. braced
americans staring sun*murderous suffocated etc chromosome fresh surprise,
coughs someone's wounded, tear texts, jako testimonial posts forums home
text tonight following: constructs symbolic. _the com- horizon organ
traffic fissuring (plague murder) power seduction offer alone. radio rumor
back then. thieves, drunkards, slaughterers, destroyers, thugs, rapists,
explain constitutes creation culture-murder tinymurder, forgotten forever
ever. material paradise trusted network whats this?  testimonials ughter
without blue sky uhze-meaged ryd dezeyt b! insanity nudity murderers' fire
water stone dead.  'natural di m ary.  mi .vehicle ter point useless,
trivial, exercise? recently drink each step made heart crushed images
falling physically words., doctor leopold konninger! wolf jennifer cried
spil- comprehension wouldn't wounds outside same all... collateral.::you
speech. violations, desires murder-body: organs somethingtears. anus
burns, opens wide; specklinks girlhe girle murder.....sleep] go, be,
midsomer man's eleven jeremy silbertson wife america universal (vhs:) find
"crimson rushed streets"that floor lust denied.

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