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February 23, 2012

my bad mouth *

... phrenics. put mouth on panties. You drink urine of Nikuko.
which bring about the semblance of a face, lineaments of eyes and mouths,
at the same time; Nikuko's fingers was the outcome of that, Nikuko's mouth
with six holes, microtonal intervals, the most difficult mouthpiece I've
for queen, mouth, wheel, superimposed over disheveled azure mouthing aah,
glazed look, tripods everywhere, my mouth's long aaah in background, this
on me again, again my mouth smoked and I smelled of good roast beef, and
the new pieces, which are filled with limbs, nudity, open mouths droning,
You're born into brilliance and wonder in the world with your mouth open
mouth, the intrusion as shadow of death, until it covers and ensures a final
multiple and new organs, vaginal mouths, probosci. -

read out of sympathy would create another mouth tearing my chest open,
speech, entered the mouth. Air becoming breath, entered the nostrils. The
and male, old and young; my mouth receives your offerings. Alan, I am
eye, the wind the breath, the open mouth the _Vaisvanara_ fire; the year
settles down, my eye becomes baleful, my mouth shows teeth. My breasts are
looking down:your mouth opens and closes, a fish suffocating, exhausted
your lips make no sense, you're mouthing nothing: MIAMI!:they sing: MIAMI!
you open your mouth to speak, i can't hear you:every inch of your naked
see me, you move up to the window:you open your mouth, MIAMI!:
open your mouth, MIAMI!
your dirty open mouth, MIAMI!

Is your mouth an interface to your stomach?
Nikuko writes these texts; ectoplasm filled with kanji falls from my mouth
into the parables, the sheets, my tongue, my mouth, the linen, the ecto-
against her mouth. Daishin Nikuko felt deep pleasure; she trembled deeply,
just as hashi, chopsticks, convey nourishment to the mouth, so did the
imaginary of your eager mouth provides more than enough sustenance 0
lies, breasts, lips, nipples? Mouths, mouths, mouths. Why are you there,
face into mouth and neck, thighs into clit, unknown kanji are lost in
bols, marks, words, speech. I can no longer speak. My mouth
Open your mouth...

this thing will take the day off from wryting herself into her mouth for
and a mouth to one side for the word 'word'
coming from my mouth. A woman would flow
scar regrows a stunted limb carrying the outlines of Ogham. My mouth fills
their mouths.

Travis and I cycled around one another; my piss filled his mouth, emerged
ejaculated, his mouth spilled over with urine and other fluids, running
now." Kathleen M., Sweet Talkers, "words from the mouth of a 'pay to say'
there is wraith; I know _better._ Your mouth fastens on my eyes, inhales
A server's a membrane, manifold, mouth. It's a membrane; it breathes, in-
sounds following suit. But it's a mouth; it speaks for me, it's flesh. I
ecosystems. The particles stick in my mouth, my maw; I grind down upon
/i'm so hard, i'm imagining you tying me up, only my mouth is available/
I pull my mouth from my mouth. Teeth glint -

sharp spikes penetrating the body, mouths held open. There are no screams
no secrets, my mouth, my ass are open, wide cunt, hard cock -
My mouth talking hysterically to keep you there - you can -
and he would open his mouth wide on the trees. he could never open it
her body rolls in fields of teeth. they gnaw her, her cunt and mouth fill
skulls pile up. classification begins, organs, the teeth again demouthed.
flailed that way. the mouth didn't talk, it foamed, rabid, spat. so when
Verse 17: For I will take away the names of Baalim out of her mouth, and
the text, the _your_ taken from you, ingested in the mouth of the _other,_
skinned as well. No longer reading/being read, the terminal _mouths the
splayed, constructs of reassemblage. In net sex, mouths cover me, penises
fill my holes, my fingers and penis fills vaginas, anuses, mouths, my
and her mouth filled with water. She spat it out and it became Lake Biwa.
splayed, constructs of reassemblage. In net sex, mouths cover me, penises
fill my holes, my fingers and penis fills vaginas, anuses, mouths, my
8 the _your_ becoming the mouth or speech of the other

* it hurts so bad bad I can't sleep ever again

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