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February 24, 2012

Vicodin (oud) (jogia sarangi)

given the pain I'm in after a tooth extraction that seems infected,
my dentist gave me Vicodin, never one to miss an opportunity to
emulate Dr. House*, I recorded two solos in the throes of pain and
V. do have a listen, yes, drugs absolutely make everyone a much
better musician and we should encourage their use vis-a-vis the
instrumental SOLO as much as possible!

*Popular media
The central character on the popular American television medical drama
House habitually uses (and abuses) Vicodin to manage pain stemming from an
infarction in his quadriceps muscle incurred some years earlier.


played on Maurice Shehata oud, which I purchased today,
I've looked for an instrument like this for a while,
and the owner gave me a beautiful risha (pick) to use
with it, and from this Darkness came, and please listen,
and thank you -

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