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March 4, 2012

Last Day for the Eyebeam Blog - contact info etc.

(This is up at the Eyebeam blog, but I thought I should send it out else-
where as well. apologies for cross-posting. (I'm going to try working the
blog at as a kind of continuation: do
check into this if you have the time.)

Since my residency has ended, this is the last day for the Eyebeam blog.
Here is relatively complete contact information:

The Eyebeam blog is at and
hopefully will stay up there, as a record of my residency and my thinking
on issues of pain, death, virtual and real worlds.

My basic webpage - in the form of a directory - is at . The page is a repository for my work and is
added to almost daily. When I put up a piece, I also describe it; the
description is sent to several email lists, and is also added to a file
which becomes part of the repository. For example, my current work and
this text will appear at ; the next
file will be and so forth - after
rj.txt, sa.txt will begin and so forth. This way - looking down the column
at the indices - you can see where I am, what the work is, at any point.

My email descriptions of the same are archived at - which lists the emails sent to the
Cybermind list, as they are sent, on an almost daily basis.

My music is at for the most part;
there are difficulties using this with the Chrome browser. You can also
access the music at or at - the most recent file there now is at .

I can be reached by phone at 1-347-383-8552; my mailing address is Alan
Sondheim, 432 Dean Street, Brooklyn, NY, 11217 and my email addresses are
sondheim <at> and sondheim <at> I'm also easy to
reach on Facebook and g+; I check the former more often.

At the moment, I have a book coming out with WVU, a performance as part of
a group show on April 3 at Churner and Churner (10th Ave between 22 and
23), and I'm participating in a discussion/presentation centering around
dance and creativity at Edward Henkel's series on March 23rd at the 92nd
St. Y. I'm also doing some talks in Omaha in April, as well as
participating in the Sound Research Group event at Eyebeam April 20-21.
And I'm speaking and performing at the Electronic Literature Organization
Conf. at WVU in June. Finally, I just had a record, Cauldron, released by
FireMuseum, with Azure Carter and Helena Espvall, which I highly
recommend; somewhere along the line we'll have an opening for it, probably
in Philadelphia. I'm available for talks, seminars, performances, teaching
and anything else, working with students or fellow artists.

And thanks for a great run at Eyebeam!
Sun Mar  4 11:49:48 EST 2012

eighteen and fourteen

(eighteen signs of unloveliness
(eighteen years and dry and unattended,
(eighteen years and the counting of elements) -
(eighteen years and the kindness of strangers) -
(eighteen years and the last day and night,
(eighteen years and the world undone) -
(eighteen years, and death is an other) -
(eighteen years, and death is everywhere, for Chris Funkhouser

:: edt  fourteenth or ninth, she was so sweet i wonder i don't
"The _Lothardi_ devised an even more peculiar dogma in the fourteenth .
  = "two thousand, one hundred and eighteen" - indicative of this is the
eighteenth command reprieve albright marriage androids fourteen february .
- "twenty-one eighteen" - indicative of date (within a serial / we're
still living in the drawing-room of the eighteenth-century;

<Su_Graham> and i will fly over the concrete wall fourteen stories high
<Su_Graham> fourteen stories high

Because of them, I am an eighteen-year-old girl! Dallas, under Dean Robert
Corrigan's multi-disciplinary program; fourteen I sure as hell won't take
drugs. I'm eighteen and I know all about life. I've been writing for
fourteen years; I'll switch to an 'examples' My eighteenth failure is a
lack of a PhD. or other intellectual My fourteenth failure is a lack of
critical attention given to my work, Oh oh oh I'm the existential
funnyman. I'm eighteen years old and I think Pennsylvania. Long later, the
eighteenth century is beginning to collapse. That curve sneaks up on you!
Ok, me, age fourteen. I knew a girl. I "fell" The Internet Text divides
into fourteen files; there is also an index Who should find the
fourteen-year-old boy, the burning apartment intact or You see
two-thousand-fourteen, Tiffany, anal, MEDIA-MOO, Menstrual _quantity._ For
example: "There are two thousand, one hundred and eighteen achieved,
already in these fourteen years, already in these fifteen years, against
that of the fourteenth century The Voiage and Travayle of Sir John age of
fourteen. Their girls never become pregnant before they marry, nor are two
thousand one hundred eighteen bison on the island." Think of this
beautiful eighteenth-century anatomical theater original to the building
becher ashbel gera naaman ehi rosh muppim huppim ard fourteen hushim bela
joined vale siddim salt served thirteenth rebelled fourteenth kings boojum
down; she had been my companion for eighteen years, and azure's for

brakes give out no nothing eighteen wheels coming up fast candlelight
naked silk robe twelve cum fourteen girl # susanjpg # meaning captive
armed trained eighteen pursued dan himself hobah damascus back charmed
with his artful collocation of fourteen imperatives in a single
confederate captive armed trained eighteen pursued dan himself hobah
continuous sleep or languor lasting up to eighteen hours a day. SATIN
corralled." Note "twenty-one eighteen" almost never If this poem you,
dispersed community or the socius of the eighteenth-century coffeehouse,
divided into three sections with fourteen stops, including treble and bass
eighteen years old and I've seen death. eighteenth, it's as if Four Dead
in O-hi-o never happened, it's as if that end and swung over the heads of
the people in the street, with eighteen extinct or corralled." Note
"twenty-one eighteen" is almost never written ferocious lashes of the
fourteen stations file in the Internet Text, which I've been writing for
fourteen years; fourteen hours a day, without rhyme or reason; collisions
of misspent and fourteen of us arrived and eleven left by the end of the
two years. I fourteen parts in the work which lasts minutes. gone
directly, it would have taken between seventeen and eighteen. heidegger
videos nn pictures fourteen flaming chapter

i studied physics and finished an eighteenth-century play i thought i had
only fourteen years to do anything at all if ry musi wing-room of the
eighteenth-entury entury in fact to say, "I'm Philostrata, dead a virgin
at fourteen; let him who it sat in the corner an eighteenth century memory
of his future ksh: were still living in the drawing-room of the eight-
eenth-century; language is absurdly melded. look, i read the eighteenth
century as well late eighteenth century, perhaps early to mid-nineteenth
century. To be lightship off brooklyn - this is an ` trolley - that's
eighteen ninety look two-thousand-fourteen meantime i would bring you a
fresh young thing, full of fourteen years, much larger images precisely
eighteen percent of much larger images but myself, turn charmed with his
artful fourteen imperatives single thing nature after fourteen years. I
died a virgin, childless, unmarried; let

nineteen eighteen seventeen one of-philosophy, possessing only the text's
entirety, all fourteen files one loves withering away; fourteenth, it's
the recognition that such people & (eighteen years strangers) sound. Of
brain holding stroke. mind program; fourteen Dallas; as far as I know (),
they still have it, rationalized our slaughter at the end of the
eighteenth robert corrigan's multi-disciplinary program; fourteen the
following york, selves, and that was the eighteenth century. Then we
listened, and that served thirteenth rebelled fourteenth kings smote
rephaims ashteroth seventeen eighteen nineteen two street. They might have
been around fourteen years old. I forget what they surface extending to
within an inch of the back. This is from eighteenth- thirteen, fourteen.)
this won't even reach fourteen lines. tina weymouth fourteen stations
presented mark's church influenced suites trespass hotly whereas stuff
ewes torn loss drought frost fourteen except twelve to fourteen hours a
day depression sliding down the walls during,.depression.sliding.down.the.walls.during. twenty-one eighteen, all
large mammals, except for humans, will either be very sensitive, when she
was eighteen and on the verge of womanhood, she visions precisely eighteen
percent of much larger visions well damn who won with a difference of only
eighteen votes. won't leave me alone, when I'm not be stalked by eighteen
year old guys zones in downtown on the sloping streets, up to eighteen
inches thick,

two hundred eighteen.
two hundred fourteen.

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