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Last Day for the Eyebeam Blog - contact info etc.

(This is up at the Eyebeam blog, but I thought I should send it out else-
where as well. apologies for cross-posting. (I'm going to try working the
blog at as a kind of continuation: do
check into this if you have the time.)

Since my residency has ended, this is the last day for the Eyebeam blog.
Here is relatively complete contact information:

The Eyebeam blog is at and
hopefully will stay up there, as a record of my residency and my thinking
on issues of pain, death, virtual and real worlds.

My basic webpage - in the form of a directory - is at . The page is a repository for my work and is
added to almost daily. When I put up a piece, I also describe it; the
description is sent to several email lists, and is also added to a file
which becomes part of the repository. For example, my current work and
this text will appear at ; the next
file will be and so forth - after
rj.txt, sa.txt will begin and so forth. This way - looking down the column
at the indices - you can see where I am, what the work is, at any point.

My email descriptions of the same are archived at - which lists the emails sent to the
Cybermind list, as they are sent, on an almost daily basis.

My music is at for the most part;
there are difficulties using this with the Chrome browser. You can also
access the music at or at - the most recent file there now is at .

I can be reached by phone at 1-347-383-8552; my mailing address is Alan
Sondheim, 432 Dean Street, Brooklyn, NY, 11217 and my email addresses are
sondheim <at> and sondheim <at> I'm also easy to
reach on Facebook and g+; I check the former more often.

At the moment, I have a book coming out with WVU, a performance as part of
a group show on April 3 at Churner and Churner (10th Ave between 22 and
23), and I'm participating in a discussion/presentation centering around
dance and creativity at Edward Henkel's series on March 23rd at the 92nd
St. Y. I'm also doing some talks in Omaha in April, as well as
participating in the Sound Research Group event at Eyebeam April 20-21.
And I'm speaking and performing at the Electronic Literature Organization
Conf. at WVU in June. Finally, I just had a record, Cauldron, released by
FireMuseum, with Azure Carter and Helena Espvall, which I highly
recommend; somewhere along the line we'll have an opening for it, probably
in Philadelphia. I'm available for talks, seminars, performances, teaching
and anything else, working with students or fellow artists.

And thanks for a great run at Eyebeam!
Sun Mar  4 11:49:48 EST 2012

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