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March 11, 2012

short sarangi video

this is just a section of a piece; i'm fascinated by the kind
of dancing i can do with my fingers, different from say viola
or hegelung. the recording is fairly awful, since the mic was
fairly distant from the instrument (and the camcorder is cheap),
but i did want to take a look at the kind of dance that's
possible. the strings are stopped by the fingernails and the
sides of the fingers; they're not pressed down to the board.
the tuning is Aea for the gut strings, chromatic and (in my
case), minor keys for the others. the tuning of the sympathetic
strings still isn't complete and everything roams a bit, given
the humidity in our place. i'm excited by the sound of the
sarangi, in spite of its apparent awkwardness; there are so many
possibilities for improvisation. on the other hand, the detuning
can be a headache...


short video starring Foofwa d'Imobilite and Jonathan O'Hear
filmed at The Kitchen in New York City
a dense and poetic interpretation of stunning rehearsal time
during stunning rehearsal time for Pina Jackson in Mercememoriam

enjoy Fookitoot to your heart's content, it will take just a
minute or so to download, it is only five megabytes that will
live in your heart _and_ mind forever

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