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The Technological Creation of a Monster in Collusion
with the Technological Creation of a Monster

(12 minutes) with Foofwa and Jonathan and ghosts,
as well as Japanese tsunami reportage.
[small image because of length]

What happens when everything boils over, and nothing
occurs: this is the video where nothing occurs. This
is the video where ghosts are made and they're made
from monsters made from ghosts. It's also a video of
preparation for Foofwa d'Imobilite, Pina Jackson in
Mercemoriam at The Kitchen as I have often said, but
it is not that piece, it is a piece of the creation,
by technology, of a monster in collusion. Everything
in the world is a cell, and every cell, like every
electron, is the identical, not equivalent, cell; what
makes the monster _is_ the monster, and what makes a
ghost _is_ a ghost. What I am trying to say is that
it's 'one and the same,' and it's this 'one and the
same' that the video is about; the video is of course
in collusion with video.

I want to thank Foofwa and Jonathan for allowing me
to freely video, not only this, but other, events,
that they have been nothing but kind to me and in
this life and the 'life of the future' which is now,
I will have already paid them back in kind.

Thus the monster in collusion with kindness, with
power, with electrical energy, and the sound of the
voice in earthquake and empty halls in collusion with
voice and earthquake, fecund with electrical energy.

All choreography and text by Foofwa, lighting by Jonathan.

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